Sweet Sunset Dress

Item: Matty M Racerback Silk Dress
Found: Nordstrom Dress Shop
Price: $138.00
Rating: 8 (out of 10)

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve worn pants since June. I lived in dresses this Summer. Especially with the heat wave this week, it’s the only way to survive! This dress by Matty M is 100% silk and I find it so very lovely. The color palette reminds me of the colors one would find in a really spectacular California sunset. However, it takes a rather modern, mosaic form on the dress – something I really love. It would look lovely at a wedding with strappy heels, but work just as well at a backyard barbecue with a pair of leather sandals. That versatility is something I really value in clothing. The price of this dress is a little scary… any lower and it might creep into “almost affordable” range. But for now, it shall sit as a museum piece in my blog, until the day it hangs beautifully in my closet. This has been “Things I Want But Cannot Afford – Episode 2”. See you next time!

~ Mir


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