All Hail Queen Tory Burch

Item: Tory Burch “Reva” Patent Leather Ballet Flat
Price: $195.00
Rating: 10 (Out of 10)

Every once in a great while, a designer strikes a veritable vein of gold, and moves swiftly into a special fashion category called: “I can make a fortune charging absurd prices for my monogramed, but otherwise perfectly average apparel”. That, in a nutshell, is Tory Burch. And I am one of the masses who has fallen under the spell of those signature back-to-back “T”s and zesty, delicious colors.

Each time I walk through the Nordstrom shoe department (which is nearly every time I’m at the mall), I stop at the Tory Burch table to quietly stare for an unnatural length of time. The session generally ends with me manually closing my mouth and dabbing excess drool off my chin (Fine, not really). The Tory Burch display table is positioned at the outermost corner of the shoe department and closest to the escalators, a strategic marketing position reserved only for shoe royalty. WHICH SHE IS.

I know… I can hear you through my antique iBook speakers. “Tap tap tap… Is this thing on? Miriam, $195.00 is a SINFUL price for flats.” I say it to myself on occasion as well. Yet, here they are in my blog. In general, I don’t classify myself as a “brand name girl” and will wear whatever looks fantastic regardless of the label. But, I hereby declare that when I am rich I SHALL rock these magenta flats with amazing jeans or mini-dress… and I won’t feel a tinge of guilt. I hope.

This has been “Things I Want But Can’t Afford – Episode 4”. See you next time I can’t afford something!

~ Mir

P.S. Exciting addition to this blog which I forgot to mention earlier: A year ago at Mervyn’s I came across a pair of navy knock-off Torys which are the same shape and have a big medallion of a flower on the front. SO many people have said, “GASP! Are those Torys??” and when I give them a closer look, they realize I fooled them. They cost 15 bucks and have become as close to a “uniform” as I have ever gotten with a shoe. I have discovered that navy goes with absolutely everything, and if you’ve seen me in the past 6 months, I’ve probably been wearing them. The other day in J Crew I spied a pair of metallic yellow flats that I fell in total love with, and while talking with the gay sales guy, he stops me mid-sentence and says, “Are those Torys???” and I got to smile and say, “Nope… just knock-offs.” YAY! I even fooled the fashionable gay J Crew employee! That is all.


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