I Was Born in the Wrong Era

Item: Dotted Tie-neck Shell
Found: http://www.whitehouseblackmarket.com
Price: $78.00
Rating: 8 (out of 10)

“I was born in the wrong era.” Since I was 13 years old, and began to develop my own sense of style, I’ve constantly repeated this phrase.

While my friends listened to Papa Roach and The Thong Song, I was getting to know jazz giants Nat King Cole, Dean Martin, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. I watched Turner Classic Movies with stars in my eyes as the glamorous women, adorned with estate jewelry, hats with lace veils and fur coats were treated as downright debutantes by dapper gentlemen.

I am still the same today – if not more so. I see a photo like this, and I BECOME this girl. I am catapulted to the year 1938…. I’m a lounge singer in a speak-easy in downtown Chicago – candlelit tables, live music, men smoking cigars and drinking scotch around the perimeters of the room – glamour and opulence everywhere. I’m all dolled up with pin-curled hair and ruby lips, dancing the night away with a gentleman (my husband, of course!) in a tweed three piece suit. Forget today’s clubs – there is nothing more sexy than that era. It affects my emotions even just writing about it.

This picture was the White House Black Market ad in this month’s Lucky magazine. That store has always been an enigma to me…. In a conference room somewhere in a downtown LA high-rise: “I’ve got it! Let’s have a store that sells ONLY black and white clothing!!! GENIUS!!!”

I mean, two colors? Out of the whole beautiful rainbow… just two colors? Here’s the problem – their clothes are GORGEOUS. One can only scoff for so long, before they succumb to the truly fabulous monochromatic array of apparel in the store.

And with ads like THIS!? Ads that allow me to dive into my fantasies of living in a bygone era? I’m not just a believer, I’m a White House Black Market LOVAH!!! This top would go quite splendidly with my high waisted black skirt and red mary jane heels. Perhaps when I own this blouse, I’ll save it to wear for my first performance in the lounge in Chicago. ;D

This has been a nostalgic version of “Things I Want But Can’t Afford – Episode 5” See you when I come back to the present day…..

~ Mir


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