These Boots Were Made For…. well, Everything.

Item: Women’s Mossimo Supply Co. Katherine Engineer Boots
Price: $49.99

Now this is just embarrassing. These boots are 50 bucks. Yet, even with the fantastic price, these boots still fall under the category of Things I Want But Can’t Afford… FOR NOW. Soon (and by soon I mean within the next few months) I plan to invite them into my collection.

You see, I don’t buy things on credit. Ever. For any reason. So I have to wait til I have cash in hand. That’s just the way it is, people! (Check out Dave Ramsey for a serious financial butt-kicking!)

I tried these boots on at Target last night and became quite enamored with them, mostly because my dear friend Kim Rickel owns boots VERY similar to this by Frye Boot Company. I’m pretty sure she paid WAY more than this price.

I mean, how CUTE would these be with denim shorts and a little tank top? Or even with boot cut jeans and a black blouse?

CANNOT wait til I own these kick @$$ boots! This has been “Things I Want But Cannot Afford – Episode 6”. See you next time!

~ Mir


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