Romper Room!

Item: Dark Denim Romper
Price: $49.90

Imagine, you go to the grocery store in this little number with flip-flops and a slouchy cardigan. Just as you reach for the Mango Mochi Balls, your cell phone rings. It’s your friend telling you the girls are going out and to meet you downtown in 15 minutes. But the store was going to be your ONLY outing for the night! What to do?!? You remember the pair of platform sling-backs you left in your trunk, and trade out the flip-flops for the heels. Put some hoops in your ears, tie up your hair and YOU, my dear, are ready for drinks!

THAT is the beautiful versatility of the romper (and proof that shoes make the outfit).

Romper: A one-piece garment worn primarily by children and sometimes women. (Courtesy of the ever-scholarly

From the moment I first saw a romper in Lucky magazine several months ago, I was in love. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it exists. Love at first sight. Put one on and WHABAM! Instant outfit! When rompers first became popular for children in the early 1900s, they were meant to be play garments. I like that history in a piece of clothing. When I put it on, it’s playtime!

This particular romper is dark denim, meaning it would go with every color of shoe and cover-up, and could be dressed up or down a million different ways. Ahh the versatility… I can’t get enough! Other rompers I’ve seen have cute spaghetti straps, come in a variety of colors and fits. Some are loose, feathery jersey, some, like this one, are stiff denim… but it matters not.

Moral of the story: You can’t go wrong with a romper.

This has been “Things I Want But Can’t Afford – Episode 7”. See you next time!

~ Mir


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