I’ve had dreams about these heels. Seriously.

Item: Pollini T-Strap Peeptoe Pump
Found: www.bloomingdales.com
Price: $575.00
Rating: 10 (Out of 10)

Let’s not ignore the elephant in the room here. Subconscious or not, I’m beginning to form outfits with my blog postings. Yes, it has happened. I promise it was not deliberate, but how well would these pumps go with the afore-posted dress? TOO well is the answer.

I attempted to find a sensible heel for this blog. Really, I did. Something I could wear to work with minimal stress on the feet. But sometimes you get sidetracked from your mission because something is too special to pass by. That was just about the moment that these Robin’s egg beauties passed my screen.

The way I choose the items for my blog is very organic. I don’t set out searching for something exact. I let the items find ME. I tend to scroll through a page quite quickly and then, like a ray of sun piercing through dense clouds, the perfect piece just reveals itself. So, four inches is kind of sensible………. right? No? Well, tough. I’d wear them to work anyway.

The pastel hue of these darlings would be all too fitting peeking out from underneath a church pew on Easter morning, but how predictable is THAT!?! Yes, these would be brill with “The Places You’ll Go” dress, BUT with fall weather approaching, this heel would be just as perfect with storm-cloud gray tights, a buttermilk cream pleated skirt, and a black swing coat. Slap a little forest green beret on the back of your head, slide on some Coach leather gloves, stand in a snowy park somewhere and you’re ready for a friggin’ magazine photo-shoot. MAN OH MAN I get excited just thinking about that one!

I’m all about shattering the stereotypes of when you’re “supposed” to wear certain items. That whole “you can’t wear white after labor day” nonsense is so 1952. I rock a white winter coat through most of the chilly months and feel quite fabulous doing it. I encourage you to do the same.

The point is, shoes this amazing are MEANT to be worn year-round. Find any excuse you can, and then wear with utmost confidence! Can anyone tell I am so ready for the weather to cool down? I could kill for a foggy, wet, “bundle up” day. Welp, I’m now talking about the weather on my blog. You know what that means…

This has been “Things I Want But Can’t Afford – Episode 12” Now go out there and shatter some fashion stereotypes! ♥

~ Mir


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