Old Meets New.

Item: The Phonofone II
Found: www.charlesandmarie.com via Lucky Magazine
Price: $500.00
Rating: 10 out of 10

The modern and innovative website that sells this item simply states, “Our most amazing product to date.” and I couldn’t agree more. I NEED this!!! The phonofone is old world beauty meets modern technology.

Okay, time to explain what it IS already! This all-ceramic contraption, invented by the brilliant Tristan Zimmermann in 2006 is an iPod dock that uses 100% natural amplification to play your music. That’s right, you DON’T have to plug it in! It utilizes the old-fashioned technology of the phonograph, but applies it to today’s music player.

In other words, this thing was MADE for me!!! The only thing that excites me more than really old stuff, is new stuff that mimics really old stuff. Modern meets antique – brilliant, gorgeous, sophisticated. I’m just truly in love.

Now let’s be clear – the phonofone is not what you use when you’re throwing a dance party and need a medium to play your Lady Gaga CD while you get drunk off jell-o shooters with your friends. Just get yourself a pair of Bose with a subwoofer and be done with it.

The Phonofone is for those old souls who like to savor every note. This kind of art deserves a certain level of sophistication: maybe some Miles Davis – Kind of Blue, Billie Holiday, Stan Getz, Eldar, Kurt Elling or even Norah Jones (just for you, Monty). Acoustically, it’s made for people like me – who just want to have over a few friends, sip a red wine, and smoke an Arturo Fuentes maduro while sinking into a slow, sweet, musical oblivion.

Somehow I just feel that having the Phonofone sitting in my living room would be the needed catalyst for many such perfect evenings.

Well, let me attempt to jolt myself out of that splendid daydream by saying this: If you want to find some of the most unique gifts in existence – check out charlesandmarie.com. I’m talking about coat hangers that look like darts thrown into your wall, a “bloodbath” shower curtain with bloody smeared hand prints like from the movie Psycho, and some incredible glassware that would make your friends’ jaws drop – and that’s barely scratching the surface. You should look at the website!

Friends, this has been another episode of “Things I Want, but Can’t Afford”. Thank you to my loyal five readers. See you next time!

~ Mir


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