Tierney Tote by Andrea Brueckner

Item: Tierney “City” Tote by Andrea Brueckner
Found: www.andreabrueckner.com via Lucky Magazine
Price: $650.00
Rating: 9 out of 10

Do you ever think you know yourself, then, in a moment of clarity, realize you’re totally RIGHT? While nonchalantly thumbing through one of my year-old copies of Lucky today, I stopped dead at the sight of a bag. YES, A BAG!

Those of you who are “into” fashion probably understand that often, women emerge as “shoe girls” or “handbag girls” – then their obsessions follow suit for their entire fashion-loving lives. If you don’t know by now which kind of “girl” I am… I might suggest reconsidering our Facebook friendship. Hint: Count the number of shoes in this blog, then count the number of handbags. Score -Shoes: 5 Bags: 0. Well, I guess now it’s bags: 1! Aren’t you bag people proud of me?!

Anyway, back to seriously knowing myself. I fell in love with all 650 dollars of this bag in the magazine without even knowing how “ME” it really was! (Let it be known, however, that I fell in love with a different color. I’m not kidding, the entire world wide web does NOT own a picture of this purse in white and grey – therefore I feature the black matte on black patent version…. not nearly as sexy, but still worthy of writing about.)

So now I will answer the question that I will assume is on the mind of all five of you – why is the photo of this pretty black bag accompanied by a sultry star of yesteryear? Handbag designer Andrea Brueckner, who I learned of only today, fashioned this bag after the style of old-Hollywood starlet, Gene Tierney – pictured at right.

Let’s take a moment. How HOT is she?!?! Not one of the most well-known stars of old Hollywood, seeing as I had never heard of her until today – but seriously – the Snookies and Miley Cyruses of the world could take a tip or two from Ms. Gene Tierney. Do you see how sexiness is just EXUDING from this photo of her, yet she…. yes, it’s true…. has CLOTHING on!?!

This is why the 1940s were such an epic era for our world. It was a time when people still believed in leaving something for the imagination. My guess is that in the 1940s, an actress or recording artist would NOT get confused for a prostitute. OP! Did I say that out loud? Yes. Yes I did.

There I go again. My love for eras past sneaks out in my fashion sense once more. I unsuspectingly chose this purse – looking modern enough – then I find out it was designed after the beautiful Gene Tierney, again linking me to my long-standing desires of living in the 1940s. Can I just BE HER already????

This has been another episode of “Things I Want but Can’t Afford”. Thank you sincerely to every one of my readers!

♥ Mir

P.S. The number of people who noticed that my last six blog posts have been solely a combination of black and white is probably zero – but you have my word that my next post will positively reintroduce COLOR into the things I want but can’t afford. I really don’t know what’s up with my monochromatic fetish lately, but I really do support the entire spectrum, and will PROVE that to you next time around! LOVE!

P.S.S Time to flex your Wikipedia muscles – the first person to comment with the name of Gene Tierney’s famous fashion designer husband WINS my undying affection! (Hint: it was her first husband, not her second. Lol.) Ready, GO!


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