Project Rescue – continued

Item:Blown Glass Pendant
Price: $15
Rating: 10 out of 10

In light of everyone’s incredibly warm and kind response to my blog on Project rescue and The International Princess Project in India, I wanted to post another way you could help if you so desired.

My Mother is a research genius. Give her a topic, and in 15 minutes she will come back to you with little-known gems of websites relating to your topic. She’s amazing! She’s actually the one who bought me my “Punjammies” for Christmas.

Anyway, she informed me of a website attached to the Project Rescue website called The Jubillee Market. The website is If you’re not interested in buying pajamas specifically, there are several items for sale on this website including notecards, purses, and jewelry such as this glass pendant for only 15 bucks! There are plenty of ways to involve yourself with this cause if it strikes you as much as it strikes me.

Lastly, here is something EVERYONE can do, money or no money. The following is the Project Runway Prayer Request newsletter from the Jubillee Market website. Please join me in praying for the following items:

“Project Rescue Prayer Requests
Dear Friends,
We returned last week from an incredible month in India where we met together with Project Rescue leadership from around the country. It was a powerful time of prayer as we sought God’s direction and planned strategically for the upcoming months. During these meetings, several decisions were discussed that require immediate prayer. Would you consider partnering with us in prayer this month for the following needs:

1. Nagpur, India: The Project Rescue home in Nagpur is located right on the edge of the red light district, posing safety issues for our older girls. Getting them out of this area is an urgent priority and PR leadership has made plans to do so within the next month. Please pray that we are able to find and secure a suitable location quickly!

2. Pune, India: The lease on the Home of Hope is ended in two months and the landlord is not willing to extend the lease. Site leadership are actively looking for a potential home to purchase. Present estimates are $250,000 – $300,000. Please pray with us for God’s timing and provision in this regard.

3. Kolkata, India: The vocational center has become critical for income for women regularly coming from the district and for the ministry there. The present lease is up in August and cannot be renewed. Our site leader is actively looking for a building near the red light district where the woman’s vocational training center can be relocated. Please pray with us!

4. PRAISE REPORT! An official PR ministry in Bangladesh will begin next year at the request of the General Superintendent of Bangladesh.

5. PRAISE REPORT! AGWM Personnel in Delhi have been meeting together with local leaders, now focusing on united prayer and prayer walks into one of the the five red light districts there. God is doing a new thing in Delhi!

Thank you so much for joining us in prayer and thanksgiving. We believe that God is going to do the miraculous in order to make his name known in India!

With sincere gratitude,

David and Beth Grant

Schedule a Home Show Today!!
You can be a link in the chain of rescue by helping us to sell products made by the girls in Kolkata. You simply host a show in your home and invite your friends and family. We will present the cause and the products. We will provide you with invitations to distribute announcing your home show. We will offer you a hostess gift of one handmade handbag or tote as a way to say thank you for your support. Call Liz Glover at 860-653-0632 or 860-490-1469 to schedule your show.”

Thank you to all of you for caring about this truly important cause. I am excited to see what God does in India and across the world as His people follow the great commission and bring Christ’s message to the darkest corners of the world.

~ Mir


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