Let’s face it: When it comes to fashion – Asia knows what’s up

Item: Kvoll Rhinestone Bow Pump
Found: http://www.yesstyle.com/en/info.html/pid.102245207
Price: $35.00 (not a typo)
Rating: 10 out of 10
Keywords in this post (NEW FEATURE!): Bows, Asians, Infants, Shoes

If you’re one of the privileged few who works with me at the most wonderful school in the world, you will quickly learn that Miriam is not a “latest trend” type of girl. I know what I love and I stick with what I love. What I love is high high heels, pencil skirts, skinny belts that hit right at the waist and bows in my hair. My goal is kind of to look old-fashioned, but in the freshest way possible (Oxi-moron? Perhaps.).

Tonight I was in the mood to see the internet’s sampling of bow-laden pumps, so I let Google shopping do the work for me. I stumbled across this site – www.yesstyle.com – that I think is based in Japan, but claims to offer “the latest trends from designers across Asia”. Anybody who’s anybody knows that Asians have some of the most fearless, FIERCE (yes, I am a shameless fan of Christian Siriano) style in the world, so I knew it was bound to be a good find. Well, “good find” is a moderately-sized understatement! This site combines all the attributes I love about Asia: wacky styles, models who literally could NOT be cuter and need to be turned into Anime cartoons immediately, and cheap cheap merchandise! Stereotypical? Yes. Racist? No, thank you.

Shoes, my friends, cross all cultural boundaries. They speak all languages. They look as fabulous in front of the Great Wall as they do at Mt. Rushmore. Shoes believe all things, hope all things, endure all things. Shoes never fail. Wait…… no, that’s love. Sorry, I use the two interchangeably in my mind so often that things come out all mixed up.

So, I’ve been going through this “bow in the hair” phase lately. My favorite move is tying the bow over on the far left (or the EXTREME left, as my friend Amritha would say) of my head, so it’s kinda sideways. I promise this tangent will eventually tie back into shoes, so bear with me.

When I was a fat, bald infant, my parents would often tie a ribbon around my head to help me exude the message, “I am not a boy!”. It seldom worked, but still, something inside me enjoys perpetuating the same look at 23 that I rocked fresh out of the womb.

I think I heard a story that my mom would even take a bow and dab a dot of Elmer’s glue on it and stick it to my little cue ball head every once in a while. So it would just be this mysterious bow, floating out in the wide open spaces of my head. HAHA! Is that true, Mom, or did I just dream that?

Anyway, so I first saw the image of these soft pink, totally work-appropriate lovelies and became immediately enamored. Not a new, trendy style, but so SO me. The bow on them is cocked over to the left, just like my signature infant style!!!

A few months back, Lucky mag did a ballet-inspired fashion spread, where all the clothes were in soft pinks and ivories, with tons of lacey, sheer yumminess everywhere. These rose pumps reminded me of that ballet-inspired shoot. Ahhh femininity. ‘Tis one of the most powerful ingredients in the world.

THEN!!!! *minor chord on an old organ* in an instant, my girly bubble POPPED as I scrolled down to reveal the positively devilish black and blue counterparts to my angelic pumps! Something inside me gets wildly excited at the thought of wearing these demure pink heels to work all day, then changing into the EXACT same shoe in a midnight hue for a WILD night out. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, she goes from sweet….. to spicyyy!!!!

Wow. I blame these delusions on the fact that I have eaten nothing but Chinese food for the last four meals. I’m not kidding. Somebody get this girl a burrito and an IV full of horchata!!!

Let’s get down to the bare bones: These shoes are 35 dollars. Buy both colors. Buy two pairs of both colors. Put them on, put a bow in your hair and rock it like infant Miriam.


(><) <– supposed to be a bow.
♥ Mir


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