Word of the day: Bougainvillea

Item: Yves Saint Laurent Chloris 105 Sandal
Found: www.polyvore.com
Price: $895.00
Rating: Luscious out of 10
Keywords in this blog: Bougainvillea, spelling, Polyvore, luscious, inspiration

Every morning and afternoon as I drive up and down the hill in my apartment complex, I pass a chain link fence just dripping with the most fiery, vibrant bougainvillea you can imagine. Each day when I see them, I’m entranced by how thick they’ve grown on the otherwise ordinary fence, and I think, “I’d like to wear something in that incredible color.”

So tonight I made it my mission to find articles of clothing the color of bougainvillea flowers. Which, by the way, is an impossibly hard word to spell. Each time I sit down to write, I realize more and more that what I thought were “excellent spelling abilities” are actually very meager spelling abilities – I have oh-so-much to learn. Just today I’ve had to Google the words connoisseur, bougainvillea, and bawling. How horribly embarrassing. I’m guessing part of my sensitivity on this issue is due to the fact that I watched part of the movie “Akeelah and The Bee” last week. As I watched those two kids spelling insane words, most of which I’d never even heard before, I grew discouraged. It’s enough to make the scrabble enthusiasts of the world hide their faces in shame. I wish I knew how to spell every word in the whole dictionary!

Anyway, let’s step away from that tangent. I knew exactly where to look for pieces that walk that thin line between fuchsia and cherry red: Polyvore.com. It is a shopping website that allows you to search for clothing by item, by color, by brand – and then conveniently put them together into outfits on little blank canvas squares. In other words, Polyvore = Miriam Heaven. If you like fashion, I recommend a visit to this website. But be careful! You might get hooked!

I have given these sexy Yves Saint Laurent platforms a rating of Luscious out of 10. I laugh using that word, because a group of my 6th grade girls have decided this school year to test on a daily basis which of their classmates and teachers has the most “luscious” hair. Apparently, I have the #3 most luscious hair in the school. LOL! #3! I promise, if you want to laugh all day every day, become a teacher. Kids say the darndest things. So, in honor of Hailey Shah, these shoes are positively luscious.

And really, aren’t they? I mean, this heel belongs wrapped around the leg of Antonio Banderas in Zorro. Step aside, Catherine Zeta Jones!!! Miriam is here, and she’s wearing her bougainvillea-hued YSL platforms. WHABAM!

Oh, the delusions heels wrap me up in! – Reason #738 that I love shoes.

~ Mir


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