The Happiest Place on Earth!

Item: Disneyland Trip
Found: Anaheim, CA
Price: $72.00 and up
Rating: Happiest Place on Earth out of 10

You know what I want to see? I want to see that attractive African-American woman with the side bun welcoming me onto Star Tours. I want to hear a mysterious voice coming from a rock that says, “Permaneced ser sentados por favor” as I sit squished into a bobsled. I want to stand in a little wooden booth holding a fake rifle and aim at fake wildlife and hear fake bullet sounds shoot said fake wildlife.

I want to sit inside of a giant teacup and spin so fast that I have to throw up. I want to walk past a giant barrel of pickles and think of how delicious they look, but never buy one because who pays 3 bucks for a pickle? I want to sit next to my friend, then realize there’s a ghost sitting between us in our doom buggy. I want to smell the ever-so-distinctive scent of the chlorinated water of Pirates of the Carribean while crusing past the Blue Bayou.

I want to be in a boat that’s floating straight toward a jungle waterfall and get scared that we’ll ACTUALLY go under it – even though I know we never will. I want to hear a barbershop quartet and watch them go dancing through the streets. I want to watch fireworks dance over a castle, and feel five years old again.

What I would like to know this evening is HOW Disneyland sleeps at night knowing they charge people an arm, a leg and a four-fingered mickey glove to get into their park?!?!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 15th 2010, my dearest brother and sister will be having a “sibling” Disneyland day that I will not be able to attend because it’s too darn expensive to get in! While in most instances I do not mind being tight on cash and living frugally, when I miss out on good times, I become a very testy and frustrated Miriam.

I want to feel the magic again!

This is yet another thing I want but can’t afford. Sigh….

~ Mir


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