The Pants of my Life! FOUND!

Item: Gap Trouser Capri in Navy


Price: $24.99

Rating: IN LOVE out of 10

The stars aligned. The moon was blue. Pigs were flying. The fat lady was singing. There was a rainbow, and at the end? A pot of gold. And a leprechaun. And more importantly, I was having a good hair day! Yes, the day I walked into Brea mall to find The Pants of My Life was a special, special day.

The day after I wrote my Audrey Hepburn blog (, I walked into work to find my dear friend Courtney wearing nearly the EXACT pair of pants I have always wanted. I stopped her immediately and asked her where she got them, just WAITING to hear the inevitable “Oh these? I’ve had them for YEARS… can’t even remember where I got ’em!” that always comes when you truly TRULY want the item someone is wearing.

But, NO! On this unusual day, she instead said, “I got them last weekend at Gap! They’re having a huge sale right now and they had the pants in a bunch of colors!” I went that very day. The pants were there. They were on sale. They were in my size. They were in NAVY (what I consider to be one of life’s most versatile colors). I slipped into the pants and I just knew. They don’t look very special in the photo, but it’s all in the fit. I will spare you guys the butt shot…. but, trust me. 😉

Because these pants fit so well, I’ve chosen to ignore the fact that I can only wear them with a lint roller in hand because they attract every dog hair in Orange County. Minor detail…… right? :/

Never did I guess that so quickly after writing a blog about the Pants of My Life that I would find them! But since it worked so well, stay tuned for posts about other clothing items I’ve been searching for!


~ Mir


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mamo
    Aug 11, 2010 @ 06:04:38

    Oh, sooo true, that almost always when you ask someone where they bought “that darrrling top” (or pants or shoes or whatever), they say, “This old thing? I got it from my grandma for my birthday back in ’08.” I have literally gone to certain stores when someone told me, “I bought this at TJ Maxx in ’09, but hey,you never know….” and I have looked, like an idiot, for that item. Always a fruitless trip, of course, but like you said, Mir, when you fall in love with something, you go to practically the end of the earth to find it.


  2. sissy poo
    Aug 11, 2010 @ 21:18:25

    i took that pic!!! 😀


  3. Sarah W.
    Aug 29, 2010 @ 20:29:29

    And people say God doesn’t answer prayer.


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