I believe in the back-to-school fairy!

Item: Vince Camuto “Claras” High-heel military boot with crest

Cost: $198  Found: Dillard’s Rating: 9.5 out of 10

The calendar may say it’s summer – but the fashion world begs to differ. Around fourth of July, fashion shifts its eyes to fall, fall, FALL! So when the September issue of Lucky arrived, I knew I wouldn’t be finding any swimsuit articles. It’s about boots and coats now! Sometimes, just for kicks, I like to pretend I live somewhere where boots and coats are an actual requirement.

Despite their ubiquitous ads in Lucky Mag, I’ve never been fond of Dillard’s department store. Mostly because I just don’t like the name Dillard’s. In South Carolina where my relatives live, there is a nice department store. It’s name? Belk. BELK! Who wants to shop in a store called Belk?! It’s got to be the worst name ever. Yes, I am a self-proclaimed book-cover-judger. I’m workin’ on that.

Anyway, little by little, Dillard’s has won me over with the marvelous clothing and shoes they feature in their ads. So I am now a convert. It’s a similar story with Vince Camuto. All along as I’ve seen his shoes, I just haven’t been blown away. You put him up against someone like Louboutin, and his designs are simply…. lackluster. Until now.

The hue of this Claras boot in the Lucky ad is more butterscotchy than in this photo. Butterscotch brown is divine. But what puts these boots in a new realm is the LACES! The shape is much like the modern boots in stores today, but the laces and stamped crest give them a throwback appeal that makes me want to get on a horse and ride through tall grass on the prairie! Or something…..!

Also, I own NO wearable boots. I have some horrid black ones with a chunky heel that are so 1999. Then I have another black pair that are scrunchy with the pointiest pointy toe you could imagine. They are both dated and I’m OVER them. I need a pair of buttery brown beauties like these to compensate for the lameness of the boots in my closet.

Maybe if I put my old nasty boots under my pillow tonight, the back-to-school fairy will come and turn them into my dream boots! It’s worth a try….

~ Mir

P.S. How ’bout we pair the Vince Camuto boots with a little Burberry military coat yumminess? (Cost: 875 GBP) YES PLEASE!


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  1. Julia Tavis
    Aug 16, 2010 @ 19:36:22

    Except that model has unbelievably bad posture and she looks like her head just got run over by a truck. Please write a blog about why it is that the fashion industry like to choose girls like this. I just don’t get it!

    Your boots are fabulous, by the way. They might be very lumpy under your pillow, but it would be SO worth it if the back-to-school fairy DID come and bring your dream boots. I say, “Give it a try!” ;-*


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