My personal paradise.

Item: Candle By The Hour – 80 Hours by Eclipse Home Decor

Cost: $19.97  Found: Amazon Rating: 10 out of 10

Imagine breathing in the aroma of a hot cup of tea. Now bottle that invigoration and turn it into a home. A place you can sink deeply into and forget about the freeways, buildings and crowds outside. The sun is shining through an open window in heaven-like columns. A soft pup is curled up at your feet. Soft music is playing, and a crisp, clean smell is in the air. Your favorite book is on the coffee table. It is a place where the simple things are highlighted and celebrated. It is a home full of unique, handmade items by local artisans and antique collectors – not mass-produced junk chosen from a store in the mall. And behind each piece, an interesting story about how it was made or acquired. WELCOME – to my home. The home in my dreams.

Eric and I were recently touring an open house in the city of Brea. Upon entering, I saw this candle sitting alone on the entryway table. I stood there looking at it, enchanted by such a unique and innovative item.  Even the realtor told me she admired the candle many-a-time when walking past it. What a pleasant surprise to look online and find that it’s only $20!

The coiled design of the candle strikes me as very old-fashioned… almost amish. I couldn’t help but think how well it would fit into my simplistic dream home. I imagine the candle sitting on a table like this…

Orvis Rustic Side Table: $259

Perhaps the candle could be accompanied by this hand-hammered copper frame. In it a photo of Eric and I hiking in some remote location.

Copper Frame: $320

And because the table needs perhaps one more item, why not this stylish croc-leather pencil box and memo holder from Smythson – luxurious purveyor of paper and leather goods?

Smythson memo holder: $400

And oh look! Smythson sells pencils to fill the box! I’ll take a few of these, please!

Smythson Panama Gilt Pencil: $27

Are you envisioning my dreamy home yet? Would you like to come over for a slice of pie? While I love shoes and clothes, sometimes it’s satisfying to fall back into my love for interior design. Although today I live in a little apartment with limited space and limited money, someday I will enjoy choosing items – piece by piece – until my home is my own personal paradise. What style would create YOUR personal paradise?

~ Mir


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cristy
    Aug 16, 2010 @ 03:21:23



  2. Julia Tavis
    Aug 16, 2010 @ 04:08:09

    Remember that “Little House on the Prairie” cabin at Tamarack Lake in Montana? I would love to live there. I think this is it, on the web: It’s definitely been spruced up. I remember it being much more rustic than that. I’m aching for a simpler life; free of the encumbrance of so much “stuff.”


  3. miriambernard
    Aug 16, 2010 @ 04:53:58

    Awwww…. I liked Tamarack SO much more when we were there. The rustic look suited it! I’ll always have that memory sealed in my mind. We should go back there someday. Some years down the road, Eric and I will take you and Dad on a vacay up there. ❤ 🙂


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