A collection of journal entries written in Italy – 1

In the Summer of 2006, I had the opportunity to travel to Italy to be a caretaker for three Italian girls. It was at once the most difficult and incredible summer of my life. Difficult because it was the first time I was so far away from my family and boyfriend. Incredible because I have never grown or experienced so much in such a short period of time.

As true with the rest of my life, whenever I experienced a strong emotion in Italy, I wrote. I almost filled an entire journal just in those two months. Some of the entries are full of melancholy and sorrow, missing my Eric and my family, but many were simply meant to capture the incredible things I experienced there. Here is a small collection of what I wrote that special summer, 2006.

The week before leaving for Milan, I spent a week with Eric in Maui as he toured with the Citrus College Blue Note Swing Orchestra. I said goodbye to him for two months in the Maui airport, knowing the next time I saw him would be at the Milan airport, when he was coming to visit me in Italy. I wrote this poem on the flight from Maui to LA about the time we had spent together during that amazing week.

A New Dawn

When I arrived in that beautiful place,

Dawn of an exquisite day had sprung.

The joy of the morning was the sight of your face.

Our fond memories had only begun.


As we walked the shoreline yesterday,

It was our golden afternoon.

We cherished every waning ray,

But our day was ending much too soon.


This morning at the airport,

Was the bittersweet twilight.

We soaked up the magic of the day,

And began to dread the coming night.


Your last embrace, your holding me,

Was the last shining ray of that blazing sun,

Sinking below the vast stretch of sea.

Night had fallen. Our day was done.


Now begins the long dark night.

My heart fights thoughts of sorrow and fear.

For even the beauty that will grace my sight,

Is murky and shadowed when you are not here.


But I will wait. I’ll hold on through this night,

Though missing you makes time linger on.

The hope of your love keeps my hurting heart light.

And from this dark night will spring a new dawn.



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