Italy -2

After landing in and staying two days in Milan, the Ardissino family and myself drove the three hours to the west coast of Italy, about one hour south of Genoa to the place we’d be spending the next three weeks: a tiny seaside town called Framura. I wrote this one morning upon sitting outside and soaking in the view.


I awake each morning to the soft sounds of the Mediterranean sea. I glance out my window to view hundreds of miles of deep blue following the rythym of the gentle breeze. As I walk out to indulge in this sight, the only interruption to my view is colorful boxes of pink, red and violet blossoms growing high and winding themselves around the railing of the balcony, as honey bees fly from bud to vibrant bud. A light fog reaches down to meet the sea where the Earth curves and the water disappears. Far to my left and my right are rugged cliff beaches covered in deep green woods. Between the woods, multi-colored buildings face the ocean, strengthening day-by-day their centuries old relationship. An ever-changing coast of foam splashes against the cliffs and is repeatedly carried out to sea. An occasional gull flaps by and seems to gesture “Welcome to my home”. A sun-stained man in a well-worn fishing boat inches out of the small harbor below, hoping an early start will yield rewards.  As the summer sun rises higher in the sky, it illuminates the once-shadowed configuration of rocks beneath me, and brings into view twisted coral immersed in a turquoise shore.  I sip my steaming cup of Twinings Earl Grey and deeply inhale. God, you have set before me this masterpiece, and I am truly thankful.


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