Pouring piping water into a vibrant-colored mug,

I open the cupboard and out drifts my favorite smell

I remove a single packet, soft yellow with “Twinings” on the label

Removing the treasure inside, I twirl the string ’round my finger

And plop the bag in

Like a storm cloud, the flavors seep into every crevice

Until it turns a deep amber shade

One level teaspoon of sugar vanishes the moment it hits the surface

forming a flavor unrivaled

Twirls of steam billow into the air, disappearing without a trace

I wrap my hands around the mug, thumbs linked through the handle

As warmth radiates from my finger tips all the way to my elbows

I bring it to my face. Not yet to drink, but to breathe in the invigoration

Blowing into the cup,  I make ripples on the surface

Like miniature pebbles skipping over a black pond

Bringing the cup to my lips, I suck in that first tiny sip

Never cool enough, I steal only a taste

Savoring the few drops, then setting it down again

Moments later, as the cool air has had its way

I fill my entire mouth with the perfect blend of steeped goodness and sugar

And I smile

Then I gulp

And gulp again

And as I stare down into the bottom of the cup, only a trickle remaining

I bring it to my lips one last time and tip my head back

Staring at the ceiling, the last drops fall down

The mug stands vertical, like the Titanic just before she slipped beneath the sea

Ahh Tea.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Theresa
    Oct 06, 2010 @ 19:40:54

    Mmmmmm! This is the same way I feel about coffee!

    P.S. I fell in love with your writing a year ago and now I’m falling even deeper in love with your poetry! PLEASE write a book! (Maybe about your first year teaching channeling the Nanny Diaries or even a book of Mir’s poetry. I would take either one with me, sit at the local coffee shop all day and read!)


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