The GOOD TIMES skirt.

Sometimes the pieces of clothing hanging in your closet just beg to have their story told. They are the pieces that, when you put them on, make you feel as if you’re now part of a fashion legacy. I’ve decided to begin telling such stories, because in the end, they tell the story of my life.

I grew up in a family that loves garage sales. Whether having them or searching for them, there was always a good time to be had when a garage sale was involved. I remember driving around at 4:30am with my dad, big fluorescent signs and a roll of duct tape on my lap, and we’d decide where to put the signs. Then we’d always pick up a dozen donuts, perfectly packed in the proverbial pink box. Dad would always make sure there was one apple fritter in the bunch, just for me.

When the sun came up, mom and dad would lay out all our old junk, and usually my sister and I would be upstairs digging through our toys at the last minute, trying to decide if we were willing to part with a few items to make a quick buck. Once that got old, we’d make a pitcher of lemonade from a frozen can, and sell lemonade and leftover donuts to the garage sale patrons. We usually ended the day with a pouch full of quarters and odd change, ready to ride up to the convenience store up the street and buy enough Mexican candy to riddle our mouths with cavities. Ahhh Lucas!

Then there was finding garage sales to shop at – the fastest way to a self-led treasure hunt. “THERE’S A SIGN! TURN RIGHT! TURN RIGHT!” “Where’s the next sign??” “OH THERE IT IS!!! GO LEFT! LEFT!” “Do you see it? Where is it?” “There it is!!! Straight ahead!!!” “Oh… nah, they don’t have anything good, let’s find another one….”

There’s such an exciting feeling to find something you truly love that someone else was just wanting to get rid of! They always charge you some absurdly low price – like 25 cents, and then it’s ALL YOURS. Who cares if you never use it and it ends up at your next garage sale… what you really bought was the exhilarating feeling!

Nowadays, when I find myself out on a Saturday morning with nothing to do, I like to browse the local neighborhoods for a good garage sale, aching to relive those happy moments from my childhood.

One such Saturday, I stopped at a yard sale in front of a big house in Placentia. While glancing through the items, my eyes fell upon the turquoise suede skirt in the photos above. The label screamed 1980s, and I thought, “As crazy as it sounds, I think I could rock this skirt!” After all, anything can happen at a garage sale! I picked it up, and looked around. The lady running the sale picked up on my dilemma and apologized that she had no place for me to try on the skirt, but directed me to a full-length mirror propped against a chest.

I looked around at the others searching through junk and the people sitting in the garage and thought, “What the heck… I have no shame.” and began to slide the skirt over the workout pants I was wearing. I snapped the button closed and zipped up the zipper. This skirt was special. Immediately, the lady came over to me and said, “That just looks adorable on you! Boy, did I have some GOOD TIMES in that skirt!!!”

It was then that I knew. My destiny was to continue the legacy of this skirt. Who knows how long it had been sitting in the closet, collecting dust, thinking back to the good memories of its golden days, assuming it would never be worn again. Then I came along, and tried it on. How happy the skirt must have felt to finally be on a body again. The good times are not over!

Yes, it is bold. Yes, it is flashy. Yes, it is suede. And I wear it intending to give it the GOOD TIMES it deserves.


Shirt: Mossimo from Goodwill $2.99

Belt: Savers Thrift Store $3.00

Skirt: Yard Sale $4.00

Shoes: DSW Price Unknown (they were a gift)

Necklace: Gift from my mom 🙂


~ Mir

P.S.  The stellar strappy heels in these pictures were chosen out and purchased for me by my incredible husband, Eric. For a guy who loves all things sports, sweat and man, his eye for fashion always surprises me in the best of ways.


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