You’re never too old to twirl in a tutu.

Item: Leather-trim Nylon blend “Holiday” skirt Elizabeth and James

Found: Bloomie’s via Lucky Magazine

Price: $245

Rating: Googoogagawawaweewee *drool* out of 10

Inspiration – The fickle companion of any writer. She’s there one day, gone the next. Just when you have her in your grasp, she slips through your fingers on a whim, and you’re left staring blankly into your computer with a “duh” look on your face. Just when you think she’s gone for good, she turns on a megaphone six inches from your ear and says, “HERE I AM!!!” as you jump out of your skin. *Smackintheface.*

Tonight is a megaphone night.

I had planned to devote this evening to the not-to-be-taken-lightly task of reading the 10th Anniversary issue of Lucky Magazine from cover to precious cover. I arrived home from work at the young hour of 5:20pm, lit some apple pie-scented Americana candles, opened my favorite three dollar bottle of Cabernet, turned on the sultry tunes of Nat King Cole, and sunk into the couch with a sigh. Everyone needs these nights. If you haven’t had one in a while, by all means, take one soon.

All was going according to plan until THIS SKIRT crossed my view.

So flouncy! So unpretentious! So twirl-able, happy and totally Christmas ready!!! (In preparation for the upcoming holiday season, please re-read the previous descriptions while visualizing the Grinch on a mountaintop, repeatedly pulling down his little dog from atop a sled piled with presents and saying, “It came without presents! It came without tags! It came without packages, boxes or bags!!!” Thank you.)

This skirt is all these exciting things on its own – LET ALONE the page on which it was featured in my magazine. Here is what it said and I quote:

“NIGHT TO DAY – how to wear the season’s best (but trickiest) skirt when the party’s over”

Translation: Versatility. Miriam’s all-time favorite attribute of clothing.

Lucky may as well have titled the page:

“Miriam Bernard. MIRIAM. Yes. We are talking to you. You only have two issues of Lucky left. Please re-subscribe soon because the moment you pull the Lucky IV out of your arm you are going to flat-line.”

And like an unsuspecting  hypnotized patron on stage at a magic show, I nod, wide-eyed and say “Yeeeeesss oh wise Luckyyyyy”  and bow on my face as everyone laughs.

I can’t help it. I love what I love. And what I LOVE is Lucky. And girlishness. And versatility. And tutu skirts!!!!!


And when these powers combine, they form a veritable Captain Planet of Inspiration that prompts me to mechanically set aside my magazine, open my computer, and write immediately before it all fades out of my tutu-twirling brain.

Sometimes painters just have to paint something. Musicians have to play something. Dancers have to burst out and dance. Singers have to belt something out. And sometimes writers – they just have to write. When Lady Inspiration drops in for a visit, there’s no ignoring her sweet siren song.

~ Mir


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  1. Eva Sanchez
    Nov 09, 2010 @ 13:43:07

    Great blog and a good picture of you. Your writing is inspiring and can result in leading many women to go shopping for one thing, the beautiful black skirt that caught your eye. Thanks for sharing your joy and commentary on one of all women’s favorite past time.


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