I got it from my Momma.

I wrote the below note almost a year ago. Today, in honor of my Mom’s birthday, I’m adding it to my blog. Happy Birthday, Mom! You’ve made me who I am today.

I’ve met my fashion soul mate. Last night while meandering through Borders, I inevitably wound up in the style section. The title “Style on a Shoestring” peeked out at me, and being a budget savvy shopper, I was intrigued. The author, my soul mate, is Andy Paige. As I read about 175 of the book’s 200 pages, I realized that Ms. Paige has published literally every style tip that I have grown up believing and enforcing in my life. Basically, she has written the book I’VE always dreamed of writing. I was bitter at first, realizing there is now no market whatsoever for my budget-conscious fashion book, but the bitterness faded as I was drawn into this veritable gem.

As I turned page after page, I got to thinking – How is it that many people would read this to get a comprehensive education on how to shop, but I feel I could have written this book?? The answer: I got it from my Momma.

This blog is an Ode to my Mother, whose frugality and unpretentious take on life has taught me nearly every budget savvy thing I know today. The following are some truths that I have learned from my Mom. She may not have spoken them in these words, but she essentially lived them day by day, and in effect, produced a daughter who lives for a bargain, doesn’t buy the lies, and knows how to care about others.

1. The Goodwill and other thrift stores are full of gently used clothing that, when worn with confidence, can look like you bought them at Bloomingdale’s. There is no point in spending $85 on a Banana Republic shirt, when a similar shirt may be sitting at the Goodwill for $4. All it takes is a little patience and a sharp eye. This principle is the reason I currently do not have enough hangers for all my clothing.

2. If you really like an item when shopping, but can’t decide if you want to spend the money on it, leave it for a day and sleep on it. If the item fills your thoughts and you obsess over it, go back and buy it. I have done this countless times, and I’m always shocked at how quickly I forget about things once I’ve left the store. But sometimes I realize that I’m crazy about something and it feels SO good to go back and buy it. I’ve saved hundreds of dollars with this method, and it has ensured that the clothing that makes it to my closet is the clothing that I REALLY want.

3. Girls wear makeup for two reasons: 1. To give confidence and 2. To attract men. This can be accomplished as well through $6 Covergirl makeup as it can through $50 MAC makeup. So it boils down to – do you like spending more money, or less? I have always purchased drugstore makeup, and it attracted me a man just fine. It will for you too. ☺

4. The more makeup you wear, the worse you will look without it. I have asked SEVERAL guys, and every one of them likes “the natural look” on a girl. No one wants to date Mimi from the Drew Carey show. Keep it simple. One day, my husband and I were going out somewhere fancy and he said, “I LOVE how you do your makeup. It’s so natural. I would ask girls to dances in high school because I thought they were pretty, then they’d show up to the dance with paint all over their face and they didn’t even look like the same person!”

5. Looking pretty on the outside means NOTHING if you have ugly insides. The biggest asset a woman has is her kindness and love for the Lord. Proverbs 31 sums this up well. A girl might wear designer labels, but if her heart is ugly, all anyone will see is an ugly heart. My mom does not take status or style into account when interacting with others. She chooses to be blind to those things – as Jesus was. All my life, my Mom has modeled Christ by finding the outcast – the person no one else seems to care about because they are weird, ugly, or different. She lays aside what people might think of her and showers love on others. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas in my memory includes at least one person who had nowhere else to be for that holiday. She opens our home to make sure everyone has a family to be with. THAT is beauty, my friends.

As I grow and learn in life – each day I become more and more proud to say, “I got it from my Momma.”


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    Nov 15, 2010 @ 10:04:40


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