Sexy shoes and reasons to shop alone.

Item: Steve Madden “Caryssag” Pump

Found: Steve Madden Store – “Fashion Show Mall” Las Vegas, NV

Price: $129.95

Rating: Spectacular out of 10

Whilst on vacation this summer in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, my  husband decided to partake in a round of golf. He invited me to go along, but somehow, spending six hours outside in 113 degree weather playing sports and dripping sweat didn’t sound like a carnival ride to me. So instead, I decided to take a solo trip to the record-breakingly HUGE and fully air-conditioned Fashion Show Mall on the strip.

“How sad that you had to shop all by yourself in Vegas, Mir!” Oh, so much to learn you have, Young Skywalker. (Did I just over-Yoda-ize that phrase? I think yes.)  Allow me to ‘splain to you a very important piece of Miriam’s shopping philosophy puzzle.

When shopping alone, there is no one to prematurely peel you off that Marc Jacobs leather skirt on the clearance rack at Neiman Marcus. When shopping alone, no one will force you to try on a pink crocheted capelet, tell you how adorable you look in it, then convince you to buy it, even though crocheted capelets should have never been manufactured ever ever ever. When shopping alone, you can stand in the fitting room in a black Betsey Johnson corset dress for 25 minutes, staring at yourself from every deliciously yummy angle, with no one telling you how vain you are and that you need to get over yourself. When shopping alone, there is no one to stop you from sampling every single variety of tea in the Asian tea shop, and you can ask the man at the counter incessant questions if you please. When shopping alone, you can peek into the Lladro figurine boutique, become entranced with a fairy chandelier, and take more photos of it than a japanese man at Disneyland, and no one will be blushing at your shamelessness.

And most importantly, when shopping alone, you can freely spend over an hour in Steve Madden, trying on every new pair of glittery pumps, and no one disapproves of the false hope you’re giving the sales girl or the 5 foot stack of boxes next to you. You can also take multiple photos of the brand new, champagne colored, glitter-covered, totally party-ready merchandise while simultaneously having heart palpitations over the bubblegum pink hue of the soles of said shoes. BLISS.

Then, when it’s time to eat lunch and you don’t want to look like a hopeless loser, just do what I do. Find someone else who is a hopeless loser and ask if you can sit at their table with them. Yes, it takes major cajones, but in the end, you’ll both be glad you took that step of friendliness. That’s how I met Kathy, who lives in a suburb of Vegas, has three kids and a grandbaby on the way.*

*Important Sidenote: Nordstrom cafe has a stellar kids menu, which includes a substantial lunch and drink for $4.95.

Well, I suppose from the category of this blog, you won’t be surprised when I announce that I did not buy this pair of shoes that day at the mall. How I wish I had, but $129.95 would have made for a less-than-amused Eric Bernard for the last 4 days of vacation in sin city. So I did what any good wife would do and spent that $130 on gambling and drinks instead.

My day at the mall was not a total loss, however. I did leave with a Victoria’s secret super soft grey cotton T, a pair of jean leggings, a sweet t-shirt with a cat’s face on it, and some other exciting Vegas-y items which need no further explaining.

That last paragraph makes me want to shop so badly. Too bad there aren’t any days coming up in which the stores are having massive sales and stay open longer than usual…. sigh.

Welp, happy shopping everyone!


~ Mir


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  1. bet365
    Nov 29, 2010 @ 05:55:19

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    • miriambernard
      Dec 01, 2010 @ 15:33:13

      Hi Bet365,

      I found my blog theme on the theme site for I am picky with themes so I searched through many many pages until I found one that suited me. 🙂 Thanks for the compliment! Come back anytime!
      ~ Miriam


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