Delicious, drool-worthy shoes.

My five loyal blog readers – due to extreme busyness with my job, I have been silent for many many days now. I would feel guilty about this, but even Leandra Medine of the BEST BLOG EVER, Man Repeller, reserves the right to take breaks for finals. The week before Christmas break was my version of finals, therefore I remain guilt free.

And what better way to break my silence than the same way I entered it? DELICIOUS, DROOL-WORTHY SHOES. These days, looking at as many shoes as I do, it takes a lot to really get my hairs standing on end for a pair of shoes. These Jessica Simpson Bombshells certainly did the trick, however. I’m rather obsessed. With both pairs. Which means I could never be so unfair as to only buy one.

Presenting – perfection in two forms:

Yum. Nighty night.

~ Mir


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  1. Mamo
    Dec 19, 2010 @ 22:29:40

    Dear oldest granddaughter and fabulous fashion blog genius,
    “If I were a rich man…” er….woman….I would buy you these droolable shoes. But I am not rich, as you well know. So I will just continue to enjoy reading your very fun-to-read blogs. Several decades ago, before my high-heel-wearing tootsies turned into grandma feet, I used to have quite a selection of high heels myself. Some of them could’ve been called “hot stuff” in their day. Now I simply enjoy reading about YOUR enjoyment of droolables, and that’s just fine with me. If I wore these droolable shoes nowadays, I would definitely hurt myself, and we dont’ want to happen! XOXO Your Mamo


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