I’m not a cross-dresser…. Yet.

Item: Stapleford Tool Tote
Found: Urban Outfitters
Cost: $58.00
Rating: Menswearific out of 10

When it comes to recent sartorial trends, girls just wanna…… be boys. Boys from the 1920s – specifically. Everything from tuxedo jackets to bowler hats to flat oxford shoes have been seen on many a runway model, street styled fashion-lover, and neon yellow Forever 21 window mannequin. Colors are neutral, cuts are masculine, and hair is short (thank you Alexa Chung, for getting every fashion-savvy girl in the world obsessed with your choppy, rock and roll bob).

And I, standing in the center of a bustling crowd of women screaming, “We love menswear!” would generally be the one in a poofy pink frock and pumps saying, “But – what happened to dresses??”

I may or may not look exactly like this.

Generally. That’s generally what I’d be doing. Until – mysteriously halfway through December, I found myself in the Clearance section of the Kohl’s shoe department placing a pair of menswear flat oxfords in pewter INTO my basket for purchase. No biggie though – haven’t even worn them yet!

But THEN, when going out shopping at some point between Christmas and New Years, I wore Eric’s plaid shirt to the mall!!!!! And I LIKED it!!!

My most recent Goodwill purchase was a plaid button down shirt that I wore in various forms for the subsequent five days. I wish I were kidding. Now I’m slightly embarrassed that I just told all of you I wore the same shirt five days in a row. Annnd, now I’m over it.

So anyway, it didn’t come as too much of a surprise to me that while browsing through Urban Outfitters last night at Irvine Spectrum, my favorite thing in the entire thrift-store-style-stealing establishment was a mens’ bag. The above fine specimen of a bag, to be exact.

Yeah, yeah, yeah – it’s a BAG – completely gender neutral, I know. But at least it’s labeled as MENS! I’m taking very effective baby steps into the menswear world. You never know, next time you see me I might just look like Janelle Monae.

But probably not. The fabulous array of heels in my closet keeps me close to my girly-girl roots. But I may pair said fabulous heels with a tuxedo jacket or grandpa cardigan from day to day. Just to keep everybody guessing.



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Your Mamo
    Feb 13, 2011 @ 22:09:43

    Fun to read, Mir, but….have you been watching the ELLEN SHOW a lot lately? Maybe HER wardrobe is getting to you? ha ha

    I recently bought a boyfriend jacket, shoulder pads and all. I hesitated a little when I bought it because it looked so….well, so 80’s, you know? But I like it a lot, especially with levis, a little shell, and my Lucille Ball flats; so I guess that makes me a bit of a “cross dresser,” too? Oh well.

    Again, this was a fun one to read, honey bun. xoxo


  2. kourtnie
    Feb 20, 2011 @ 01:34:07

    your good


  3. Jessie
    Feb 24, 2011 @ 12:58:55

    Hello Miriam,

    I stumbled upon your blog when searching for Maddie and Elettra on facebook! There names were included in one of your posts. We have both been to Italy. 😀 I was wondering if you have any info for them? I can’t seem to find them on FB or email. Either way, I have enjoyed reading your blog!!


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