The Long and Short of my Summer Wishlist

It’s almost May, and you know what that means!!!!! Time to start thinking about this summer’s wardrobe!

Who am I kidding? I’ve been thinking about my summer wardrobe since the day after Thanksgiving. That way it has the proper time to incubate, mature, and birth itself. That is correct, creating a season’s “look” requires the same amount of effort as growing a fetus. And I put in the effort.

However, in case you’re not like me… really, you should start thinking about what you’re going to wear this summer. Like, now. I mean, it’s 78 degrees outside. SUMMER’S PRACTICALLY TURNING ITS BLISTERING FACE UPON US THIS VERY MINUTE! And what are you going to wear???? Didjya ever think about that?

It’s a good thing you have me around. Allow my fantastico selections to come to your aid.

Last summer, I was all about dresses. I wore them all day every day. I wanted to be a child twirling in the summer sunshine. My aesthetic was country-esque and sticky-sweet. As nice as that was, I am sooo over it for this year. If I don’t wear a single skirt or dress for the months of June-September, I’ll totally freak out be JUST fine! This year I’m all about shorts shorts SHORTS! HOLD IT. Did you just picture this?

Think AGAIN, sweetness. There is mucho more to the world of shorts than tiny, Abercrombie, microscopic, teenybopper deni… zzzzzzzZZZZ. Oh. Sorry… where was I?

I’m talking about punchy colors, throwback shapes, and the ability to sit criss-cross applesauce without showing off the ladybits! That’s what it’s all about! Hey! (<– subliminal hokey pokey reference.) Check out these droolable pairs of shorts. If you're cool anything like me, you’ll be wanting every last scrumptious specimen. Also, not that I actually need to say this, but these are all most effective paired with incredibly tall platform heels. The more retro the better. Espadrille wedges are also acceptable. If you have an iPhone, check out my Instagram (screenname: mirreflections) for copious examples.

Modcloth Dallas Dance Off Shorts $69.99

Modcloth Smooth Sailor Shorts $54.99

Modcloth Carribean Nights shorts $29.99

Modcloth Chance of Clouds Shorts $42.99

Modcloth Retro Scouting Shorts $139.99

Modcloth Shell Hunting Shorts $59.99

Elle Cream Lace Shop Shorts $305

Marc Jacobs Floret Short $495

Sass & Bide Beading Shorts $660

Henrik Vibskov Pia Shorts $153 hahaha 'Pia' haha

Viktor & Rolf High Wasit Shorts $445

SuperTrash Pinarona Shorts $88

Okay. So now we’ve established the types of shorts I’m after. HOT, right? But these beauties deserve more than the ratty tee stuffed in my dresser drawer. This is why I need me some blouses. TRUE blouses. Ones that HANG UP in a closet. Some are to tuck in, others are crop-tastic. All are amazing.

Modcloth Dot Com Darling Top $57.99

Modcloth Treasured Gold Coin Top $49.99

Modcloth Second Interview Top $52.99

Modcloth Scene Me Lately Top $34.99

Modcloth Share My Umbrella Top $37.99

Modcloth Candied Comfort Sweater $49.99

Modcloth Just Pollen Around Top $39.99

Modcloth Wave City Tank $42.99

Then again, there will always be the days when I’m just waaaay too lazy to pick out TWO items of clothing. (This could potentially end up being most days.) At this point, it is highly convenient to don a romper. That favorite instant outfit we all love to make fun of… and wear. Check out these fun and flirty versions. Ra-cha-cha!

Charlotte Russe Linen Romper $26.99

Modcloth Secret Route Romper $39.99

Another trend I am very much wanting to partake in this season is the over-alls romper. Like this splendid example from Forever 21. Si por favor!!!

Forever 21 Overall Romper Front $22.80

Check out the criss-cross back. RADICAL!!!

Underneath this darling little guy, I’d wear…. wait for it…. a body suit. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?!? But seriously… it will just look like a very crisply tucked in shirt. No one will know that I snapped myself shut like an infant child. Except you. Shhh.

Modcloth One Minute Onesie $27.99 Babys-R-Us Chic

Alright…. my summer photo palooza has almost come to an sad and abrupt end. But not before I showcase the most important of all summer entities. The item all other summer clothing articles bow down and worship: The swimsuit. This also happens to be the item I have wretched luck with. I’m talking black cat, broken mirror, number 13, indoor umbrella kind of bad luck. If I had a dollar for every bathing suit I’ve lost… I’d have like FIVE DOLLARS! What the heck?!?!? Even when I’ve taken lots of time to select a bathing suit, something always goes wrong.

Last year, I ordered this adorable suit from Victoria’s Secret, and they sent the wrong style of bottoms. So when I called to switch the order, the style I wanted had SOLD OUT! So I settled for the dumb style, and it looked all gross and baggy on my butt. THEN the top would get all loose and discombobulated anytime I’d go for even the most gentle of swims. Hello nipples.

This year I will NOT be ordering my suit online. I will be going to as many shops as it takes to find an amazing bikini, and I don’t care how much it costs me. It is the year of the PERFECT suit! I’d like to find one in fresh colors like this Raisins suit:

Raisins bikini top $33.99

Bottom $33.99

Ahh-ahhh! Grey and Yellow Grey and Yellow Grey and Yellow!! HAHAHA That was my remix of “Black and Yellow” for those of you who are not psychic and/or clinically insane.

Happy almost-summer to all of you crazy cats. Let’s wear short shorts and crop tops together and go out on the town!

~ Mir


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Brienne Michelle
    Apr 28, 2011 @ 17:40:56

    Love it. 🙂 That’s an adorable bathing suit. I went retro for mine (read: easy way to stylishly cover post-baby skin ugliness) and invested in this little number:

    I’m all game to go for the shorts too, but I have yet to find something that works for us thunder-thighed ladies. Hope I figure out something soon, otherwise it’s dresses for me again. 😦


  2. Mamo
    Apr 28, 2011 @ 20:22:49

    Welllll, that was certainly a comprehensive piece on SHORTS! = ) So here’s your grandma’s (Mamo’s) story and by golly, I’M STICKIN’ TO IT: Back in the good old days (sorry, but they really WERE good old days…), that being the 1940’s, when I was a little girl, the most attractive shorts were the longer ones, not short shorts. They were smooth, tailored, with a little wider waistband than usual. They looked sooooooo cute and so ladylike, and I always yearned to look like Betty Grable, the calendar girl of the day whom servicemen painted on the sides of their airplanes. She wore those adorable shorts and I wanted to look like her. They were very criss-cross-applesauce friendly, and very classy looking! I’ll vote for those annnny day! xoxoxoxo


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