Save your money. Buy it at the thrift store.

My dear comrades, I am always here for you. You know this. That is why I bring you all my latest fashion news whenever I’m in the mood  in a very timely manner. Tonight, I feel it urgent to tell you a morsel of news that cannot wait even another SECOND!!

The fashion industry is robbing you. Takin’ your money right out of your pockets I tell ya!!! There is information that those greedy fashion big whigs are not telling you! And I’m gonna let the cat out of the bag right now, because the injustice cannot continue!

There are certain, very specific styles of clothing that are being sold on the world wide web TODAY, for a very pretty penny I might add, that you do not need to spend large amounts of money on!

This is particularly good news if you are:

a. A person who frequents the stores Urban Outiftters and/or American Apparel

b. A person over the age of forty who finds it appropriate to continue dressing in the clothing that was popular when you were a teenager.

You see, I go to thrift stores. A LOT. I know their merchandise like the produce man knows his cantaloupes. Whether you are from Albany or Austin, Yonkers or Yorba Linda – every thrift store you walk in will carry some guaranteed specific styles. I like to call them: Outdated Clothes People Often Give To Charity or, OCPOGTCs.

So, because I love ya so darn much, I have compiled ten photos of clothing articles for sale right now on popular websites, that I can nearly guarantee you will find at any given Goodwill on any given day. If you find yourself wanting to repel the opposite sex look like the below photos, stopping paying high prices and start thrifting! Note the price of each item and then consider that the average thrift store item costs $5. Can somebody say SAVINGS?! Last detail before the big reveal: I’m excited to feature men’s apparel in my blog for the first time! Because the ladies of the world should not be the only ones reaping the thrift store benefits! Without further ado, I present to you: The OCPOGTCs of the internets.

Stella McCartney Mid-length Denim Skirt $515.00

Have you ever seen that AT&T commercial where the whole United States gets covered in orange fabric? Well, let me just say that if you took the bright blue denim out of every thrift store in the nation, you’d have enough to go from Mexico City to the friggin CanadianYukon Territory. Find this skirt at a second-hand shop, and you will not only save FIVE HUNDRED AND TEN DOLLLARRRRRS, but you’ll have your pick of short, medium, long, extra long, acid wash, soft, itchy, culottes, wrap-around or any other style you can dream up.

Urban Renewal Silk Shirt $39.99

Urban Outfitters is the go-to spot for clothing that looks thrifted, but costs an arm and a leg. Why do you let them defile you so? Stick it to the man and find this oversized shirt, in a variety of colors and patterns at your neighborhood Salvation Army.

Crumpet Cropped Cardigan $395

In the market for a sad beige cardigan? Don’t search when you can get a far more original recycled version at the Goodwill – your frumpy cardigan headquarters!

American Apparel Floral Full-Length Skirt $58.00

I learned something new about fashion today. YES! Even Miriam learns new tidbits on occasion. Today, I learned this outfit is available somewhere BESIDES the Goodwill!!! All this time, I’ve been thinking my favorite shopping destination is the ONLY place one can find such gems, but NO! American Apparel, it would seem, is also a propellant of the hot trend – Single Middle-aged Southern-Baptist Women of 1983! So glad to know this.

American Apparel Sleevless Lawn Button Up $48.00

Boobs are out. Arms are in. Take note. Get the look at your local consignment shop.

Urban Renewal Maxi Dress $59.00

If you’re interested in guest starring on Blossom or Full House, then by all means, save the money on your outfit. You’ll need all the clams you can get to invest in your time machine. To get you started on that, I’ve found a Delorean available for purchase on eBay motors. Click here.  You’re welcome.

Urban Renewal Vintage Corduroy Blazer $14.99

For my transition from womens wear into menswear, I’d like to feature this cunning blazer. Regardless of your sex, donning a blazer always means the good times are a comin! Take a look at this cute girl, for instance. Even though you can’t see her face, I’m pretty sure she’s probably bawling her eyes out incredibly happy! How bout the audacity of this Urban Renewal brand, huh? I think they might actually be taking their merchandise from actual thrift stores and selling them to unsuspecting Urban Outfitters patrons!!! To which I say, WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THA….. I MEAN, how dishonest and just plain WRONG!

Urban Renewal Men's Satin Bomber Jacket $39.99

And now for a few stylish men’s choices. Gents, I know how you like to be frugal – so let me brighten your day by saying that not only can you get your bomber jacket shimmer on at the thrift store, usually their bomber jackets include some obscure embroidered logo like:


You hipster you!

Everyone and their step-sister is wearing plaid these days, however, not all plaids are created equal. Some plaids say, “I’m a part-time lumberjack, and a full-time lover” others say “I like, shop at PacSun because I’m like, soooo from California!”. Or, if you’re the boy in this picture, your plaid says “I do all my shopping at Costco, and accept no less than the Kirkland brand for all my clothing.” Regardless of your “plaid persona”, the plaid at thrift stores is as abundant as the botox in Joan Rivers’ face.

Stussy Vintage Reggae Dot Tee $28.00

If you frequent surf shops, VW vans, oceans, or dumpsters, stop spending money to buy a tee that’s meant to “look” vintage and go with ACTUAL vintage, dude! Besides, Dudette Earth loves it when we recycle. Coocoocachoo you’ll find your way back to the big old blue!

So there they are. The OCPOGTCs. You were sinking in a world of expensive fake-thrifted merchandise and I just threw you a life raft. Grab hold of it and drown no more.

Oh, one more small detail. No biggie, but, in addition to the above styles, thrift stores also feature of-the-moment clothing that I have procured copious amounts of over the years. Banana Republic, J. Crew, Diane von Furstenburg, BCBG, Anna Sui, Guess, Lucky, Seven and Ann Taylor are just a few examples. However, unlike the items featured in this blog, I cannot guarantee the discovery of such items. Unless you shop with me personally, that is. 😉

Get out there and find some killer deals, MirReflectors!!!

~ Mir


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mamo
    Apr 29, 2011 @ 23:34:31

    Okay, now you just KNEW I had to comment on this blog, Mir. I loved every mono- and multi-syllabic word of it (including “as abundant as the Botox in Joan Rivers’ face.” Very descriptive. Sad, but descriptive.)

    One of MY latest finds at the G.W. Boutique (Good Will Boutique) was my beyoooootiful purple L.L. Bean corduroy jacket, retail priced at $40+, for which I paid exactly $5. And one of my recent FB profile pictures shows me sitting in front of my flowered love seat, wearing a pretty brown filigree-knit sweater, open at the top, which cost me precisely $3. I LOVE that sweater.

    Oh yes, you have the TS gene and the TS chromosome. I taught your mother well and she passed on that TS (thrift store) gene very well, indeed. But you, my dear, have far exceeded my expectations and skills and know-how. You are the Queen of the G.W. Boutique. Here-here! (See me waving at you like Princess Kate??)

    xoxoxoxo Muah.
    Your Mamo


  2. Theresa
    Apr 30, 2011 @ 10:40:02

    1. Can we please go shopping at the G.W. Boutique together? I don’t have the patience to look through rack after rack of hideous clothing in search of a gem alone.

    2. Joann’s is the new Nordstroms! You can find the fabric you want, tailor it to flatter your body and create your own knockoffs for a fraction of the price! Case in point: my Rory Beca “Dazzle” Maxi Dress Knockoff found at:

    3. It’s time you bought yourself a sewing machine! 🙂


  3. miriambernard
    Apr 30, 2011 @ 11:57:05

    1. Yes. Yes we can. Want to go after work sometime this week? Or maybe next weekend?
    2. Your new dress is adorable. However, seeing as dresses at the Goodwill cost $8.00 and fabric + a pattern + a sewing machine + many hours costs more than that, for the moment I’m good.
    3. I feel like I can either A. write fashion blogs OR B. make fashion items – but that I wouldn’t know how to make time for both. Lol. Maybe I should commission you to make clothes for me! 🙂


  4. Meemo
    May 02, 2011 @ 02:11:36

    I love thrifting too! It’s such a treasure hunt and finding that one perfect pair or jeans…so gratifying. It does take some work to weed through all the OCPOGTCs though, unless you happen to be a hipster of course.


  5. Ji Poette
    May 12, 2011 @ 10:57:09

    some really good content on this web site , regards for contribution.


  6. Julie
    Jul 03, 2011 @ 18:20:53

    Damn! The secret’s out. I’ve been picking at thrift stores for many years. It’s fun to run just ahead of the fashion cycle and stock up on has been must haves!


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