Four dresses in fresh colors.

I’m pretty convinced that the store Anthropologie was created just for me. It’s like they assembled all the lovely things that make Miriam feel blissful, then artfully arranged them in the most creative of ways, thus constructing my personal HEAVEN.

Yes, I do realize there are probably a million other girls who think the exact same thing, but I’m just vain enough to keep believing it’s all just for me.

Even their website is strategically arranged to evoke certain feelings. Take, for example, the first four dresses in their “dress” category. All sexy, summery in coordinating colors of robin’s egg blue and a coral-ish tomato soup red. That’s fresh right there. I’d like to make it known that Courtney, you were the first person I thought of when I saw these dresses. I think we should buy all four and trade as necessary.


Backswept Dress $268

Summer Ballad Maxi $198

Languid Paisley Maxi Dress $148

Gathering Breeze Dress $258


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  1. Lucy McConville
    Jun 10, 2011 @ 18:02:09

    I’m sorry, my dear, I am decades older than you so I will have to claim that Anthropologie was created just for ME. ( I knew I loved you with the first sentence I read from you months ago!) Isn’t it just the most wonderful place on earth? I would like to live there… and I’m not sure they would notice…you know? There is a bed. There are wine glasses. I’m sure there is a restroom for employees…so… I have always said that if I win the lottery, Anthropologie is the FIRST place I will go. I will call you and you can come, too! I promise I will leave all the dresses for you — I want the jeans and fabulous sweaters and to-die-for tops. Oh…and the SHOES!


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