Sweet Little Cupcakes!

Happy first day of summer, everybody!

It seems the world is going CRAZY over cupcakes recently. They’re all over TV, all over town, and even all over the internet! Today I have fallen under their sweet spell. Which is ironic since I don’t even like cupcakes. But the way these little guys look is simply irresistible! I’d really like to bake these and then give them all away.

Corny Cupcakes

I saw these jellybean-covered corny cupcakes on the cover of Woman’s Day magazine today, and I thought they looked awfully Fourth of July-y. That’s probably what the editors thought, too, I figure. They are BEYOND cute and I want to know what sweet item they used to look like butter, salt and pepper. Hmmm…

Terra Cotta Sprout Cupcakes

These are in actual little Terra Cotta pots! My green-thumb husband really appreciated these.

Cupcake "Flower Tower"

I’ve already gotten married, but if I were to do it again, I might have my reception in a garden, and serve this whimsical tower of cupcakes. 🙂

Cake Push-Ups

Lastly, for my favorite ones. I do realize these are not actually cupcakes, however, I thought within a fashion blog they rightfully fit in this dessert-related post. I am so excited to make these cake push-up pops with my good friend Cristy!!! We will first buy a box of push-up pops, eat them with her darling children, wash them in the dishwasher, then the fun will begin.

If you’re interested in where I found all these enticing dessert ideas, check out wanelo.com. This site is my current obsession of all things amazing, fun, cute and fabulous.

Have a great night, sweethearts! Who wants to come over and bake with me?

~ Mir


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