Very merry un-birthday pancakes!

I’m sitting here scratching my little blonde head over this post – for a couple of reasons:

  1. I very seldom become so inspired a recipe that I actually go through the effort of making it.
  2. I absolutely hate pancakes.

So why is a recipe for pancakes breaking two months of blogging silence?!? Wellllll, I’m a sucker for sprinkles. And whimsy.  And this recipe contains a heap of both. DAH! I’ve also spent the last three weeks inspiring little children to cook and, incidentally, ended up a little inspired myself. I love it when that happens.

I was recently introduced to a new website by a most wonderful, excellent friend of mine named Cristy. This site has awakened dusty nooks and crannies in my heart that I forgot even existed. It took me back to a place in my childhood, wearing a lace-trimmed, heart-print apron and stirring a delicious concoction in my Mamo’s kitchen. There is a piece of me that loves creating – whether that be a craft, a recipe, an outfit or otherwise – and THIS recipe took me on a trip to that side of myself when I really needed to go there.

The website? That would be Pinterest describes itself as a virtual pinboard where you can collect the things you like. The photos and ideas come from all manner of websites and blogs. It’s a like a Facebook of cool ideas and pretty pictures.

So, through Pinterest I came upon the dessert blog which is curated by a very clever, foodie woman named Jessica. Since I take NO credit for the brilliance of this cake batter pancake recipe, I am not going to post the actual instructions on this post. Instead, you can head over to for the steps:

Even in going and locating the recipe to post right up there, I re-read it and felt warm and cheery all over again.

Well, now I’ll say the only thing there is left to say. Make these. Make them for a birthday. Make them for no reason. Make them tomorrow. Make them on a box. Make them with a fox. Just make them.

Yes. True. It is basically cake. But if people can eat donuts and Cinnabons and call it breakfast, then you sure as heck can pour diluted frosting mixed with sprinkles over these pancakes and eat guilt free.

Spoiler Alert: I ate a few bites. And I ENJOYED each of them. <– This has never happened before in the history of my life with a pancake.

Eric, however, being the pancake lover he is, ate more than a few bites and seemed to enjoy them tremendously. Huzzah!



~ Mir


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