The Pro-Life Movement: A Modern Day Civil Rights Movement

Replica doll of a fetus at 12 weeks gestation. Legal to kill in all 50 states.

Today I visited a museum exhibit at The Fullerton Arboretum called, “New Birth of Freedom – Civil War to Civil Rights in California”. I spent about two solid hours reading plaque after plaque that laid bare the truly tragic acts human beings are capable of when unbridled and unregulated. Slavery, discrimination, exclusion, superiority – all blatantly wrong in hindsight, but it was many of our direct ancestors who saw these simple and clear human issues as foggy and ambiguous.

WHY?! Why was it so acceptable and commonplace to see, even 50 years ago, schools for whites only? Why did slavery ever exist? Why was there ever a ban on interracial marriage? Why were the Chinese completely kept from immigrating to the United States for nearly 75 years? Why were thousands of Japanese people ordered out of their homes after Pearl Harbor, and sent to live in jail-like camps? Why were hundreds of minority families denied when trying to purchase homes in the same neighborhood as white families? One could spend hours sorting through the “Why?”.

And the answer is that mankind is inherently selfish, judgmental, exclusive and self-serving – and these predispositions will persist unless there is accountability and people check one another’s motives to ensure goodness and fairness prevails. It seems that if you get enough people in a room together nodding their heads over any subject, all kinds of wrong can be agreed upon. It is baffling what evil acts take place in this world, masquerading as “normal”, “legal”, “common”. Normal does not mean okay. Legal does not mean moral. Common does not mean right.

I was raised with a set of morals that I believe to be strong, true and uncommon. Thus far in my life, though my personality is bold and confident, I have kept quiet about my set of personal values for fear of being thought of as over-zealous, a Bible-thumper or any other number of derogatory labels. But I am learning that labels and judgments from others are a sign that you are living out your values in a meaningful way. If no one knows what you stand for, you’re probably not doing a very good job of standing for it. Nothing good has ever come from sitting by and watching. Inaction is the same as apathy. It’s NOT the thought that counts. Action is what counts.

Jennie Carter, Biddy Mason, Andrew Moulder, Marianne Morales, Don Miyada, Felicitas and Gonzalo Mendez, Dorothy Mulkey, and James D. Carrington. These are not household names, but they are names of people who risked the labels and the scrutiny because what they had to say about truth was greater. Each of them played a key role in bringing our country to the place it is today. Children of all races are attending school in the same buildings and living in the same neighborhoods. While it seems like such a plain statement today, just 30 years ago, the aforementioned Dorothy Mulkey and her husband went to rent an apartment in Orange County and were not allowed. The next day a white couple of the same age and general financial status were offered the apartment. Dorothy and her husband had each served for four years in the military. They lived in a country where African-Americans were welcome to sacrifice years of their lives for our country, but upon returning, had difficulty finding a decent place to live.

The good news is, changes have taken place. Because these brave ladies and gentlemen spoke loudly enough and long enough, laws were changed and our country is the better for it. Are we in a utopia where these items are no longer issues? Well, I would be a fool to say yes. The battle for treating humans humanely will exist as long as there are humans inhabiting this planet. But things are better. Yes, better than they were before; and it is because those being treated unfairly SPOKE UP until others listened.

So what happens, then, when those being treated unfairly are unable to speak up? What happens when the recipients of injustice cannot cry out the way these brave souls in the past once did? Nothing. Nothing is what happens; unless someone serves as an ambassador and brings the injustice to light for them.

There are 42 million abortions worldwide each year. Over 115,000 a day. (© Copyright 1996-2008, The Guttmacher Institute. ( Imagine a sports arena full. That’s how many unborn children will die across the world today. Where are the cries of pain from this largely discarded group of tiny humans? They will never be heard. Not unless people can reach outside of their own lives and become representatives for this vast injustice. It is the largest genocide in the history of the world.

Just how treating other races fairly and humanely have finally surfaced as clearly immoral, my goal is for abortion to one day fall into the same category. People talk about how “complicated” this issue is, but it boils down to this:
The unborn child is growing, therefore she is alive. She has human parents, therefore she is human. We give living, growing humans rights, and protect them in our world. Children and babies receive even more protection due to their helplessness and innocence. So why is it that the most helpless people group of all has been completely stripped of their rights?

Because people have lied to the point that the lies are common place. Terms like “blob of cells” and “it’s the woman’s choice” have become so very normal, that, like lemmings, people nod and agree. We have spread the blatant lie that the unborn is not a person, and it has presented us with a form of groupthink that has dictated public opinion and even law. We choose to ignore the obvious scientific truth that the fetus is human for our own personal conveniences, finances, life situations, and it is sickening.

Truth: The unborn child IS actually a tiny human being and killing him IS immoral.

The double standard: Wanted fetuses are given incredibly special care, expensive surgeries when needed, and preserved at all costs. Unwanted babies are expelled, discarded, dismembered.

Samuel, a "wanted" baby, reaches out of the womb and grasps the doctor's finger as he receives surgery for spina bifida.

Do I care about mothers? Of course I do. I want mothers to be healthy, happy and have options available to them during pregnancy. That is because I care about humans. All of them. So when a mother’s “choice” involves taking the life of another human, I simply can’t find a reason to condone it, regardless of the circumstances. I will spend the rest of my life speaking on behalf of the unborn, because it will take an eternity for them to defend themselves.

Just as the horrible acts and laws that existed before the great strides made in the civil rights movement, the killing of children WILL keep happening, until those who see past the lies and double-standards can grow BOLD enough to begin speaking up. When no one listens, we must speak louder. When we are ignored, we must speak again. I want my voice to become the nails on a chalkboard in the ears of those who support abortion, so that everyone around with seeds of goodness in their hearts will open up their ears and listen and recognize that they have been LIED to, and what has seemed to be acceptable is actually UNACCEPTABLE and no longer will they stand for it.

Today, I urge you to welcome the same epiphany I experienced while standing inside the Civil Rights exhibit: that inaction is the same as apathy, and not speaking up is the same as not living out your values. Be bold and confident in your views, and live them out – for this is the only way change can take place.

I am about to become a volunteer for the Center for Bio-ethical Reform (CBR). This Orange County-based organization is working to establish prenatal justice and the right to life for the unborn, the disabled, the infirm, the aged and all vulnerable peoples through education and the development of cutting edge educational resources. Here is the link to the volunteer application that I will be filling out today. I encourage you to join me, or find an organization you believe strongly in and do the same.

I also support and have volunteered with another amazing organization called Justice For All, which boasts similar goals as CBR. I urge you to explore their website and consider volunteering or supporting.

Please note: Both websites above feature pictures of the truth of abortion, and they can be very graphic.

I welcome anyone with different views or ideas to speak out – for it is in personal dialogue and productive conversation that progress of all kinds is made. My goal today was not to offend, but to put this controversial topic on the fire and refine it until the truth bubbles to the surface. There are a great many points that can be explored within this subject that I chose not to bring up for length and simplicity purposes. Feel free to bring them up in the comments! 🙂

~ Mir


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Michael Morten
    Feb 20, 2012 @ 20:39:38

    Hey Mir, I applaud you for stating your beliefs in a very well spoken and open way. I however wonder how far you have thought it through. It is of course easy to say killing unborn babies is wrong but it is not always so black and white. You say that abortion should not be allowed for any reason. There are cases where an abortion can save a mothers life and if it is not performed both the woman and baby will die such as when a baby begins to grow in the fallopian tube. Do you see this as an acceptable time for the procedure or do you see the right thing to do is to let them both die therefore no immorality was committed? What about the case of rape? Do you believe a woman that has undergone one of the worst things I can imagine should then have to continue to suffer the indignity and memory of their attack? Or a 12 yr old girl who is sexually assaulted by a family member? Or a woman who is ganged raped in Africa? Not all abortion is because someone had a drunken weekend and made a “mistake”.


    • miriambernard
      Feb 20, 2012 @ 22:00:07

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks so much for the comment. I’m glad this is spurring dialogue. Your thoughts are the exact ones I was hoping would be brought up – because I intended not to “branch” too far in the original blog. To address your first scenario – in any instance where the mother’s life is threatened, such as an ectopic pregnancy or similiar situation, of course, the mother should be given the decision what to do. The unborn child’s right to life should never be placed OVER the mother’s; only on the same level of importance.

      Regarding the other horrific instances you mentioned of rape, incest and the like – well, first I’ll say that I struggle to imagine the emotional suffering women experience after a crime like that. I believe rapists should be punished to the fullest extent of the law and ultimate care should be given to women who have to endure such a thing. As for a resulting pregnancy – well, I’ll start by saying this humble opinion is coming from someone who has not personally been through that kind of pain, and I know the reality is far more difficult than typing out scenarios on some blog. But what comes to mind is, say a woman conceives a child out of rape, and through the horror chooses to give birth. Say that as she watches her little son grow, he begins to look like his father, the rapist. Indeed, that would be unthinkably difficult, but we would not condone the woman’s killing of her toddler, even if he reminded her of the rapist. If we are placing born and unborn children on the same plateau, valuing each life, the same care would be taken to preserve both. I don’t see why the child should pay with his life for the disgusting sins of the father. Tim Tebow is adopted, and his birth mother was raped. He is a product of rape, and I’d venture to say that in the midst of her tragedy, good has arisen. If I ever encounter a woman who has experienced that, pregnancy resulting or not, it becomes my number one goal to support and love her.

      Love you, cousin!
      ~ Miriam


  2. Susan Masin
    Feb 21, 2012 @ 08:47:23

    I have never been more proud of you for writing this very well written expository on this subject. I have taught childbirth classes to young girls who chose to give birth to their unwanted babies in support of them choosing life. I witnessed fetuses in jars after abortion in the hospital as a nurse after Row vs Wade passed. It was absolutely horrendous. I am amazed at how many women are pro choice and do not even think of it as being a “rights” issue for the new life God has created in them. And the supporters never consider the baby….only the woman. Thank you for your work and I see you with your writing skills becoming a spokesperson for the tiny babies that have never had a chance at life. YOU GO GIRL!!!!


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