Four dresses in fresh colors.

I’m pretty convinced that the store Anthropologie was created just for me. It’s like they assembled all the lovely things that make Miriam feel blissful, then artfully arranged them in the most creative of ways, thus constructing my personal HEAVEN.

Yes, I do realize there are probably a million other girls who think the exact same thing, but I’m just vain enough to keep believing it’s all just for me.

Even their website is strategically arranged to evoke certain feelings. Take, for example, the first four dresses in their “dress” category. All sexy, summery in coordinating colors of robin’s egg blue and a coral-ish tomato soup red. That’s fresh right there. I’d like to make it known that Courtney, you were the first person I thought of when I saw these dresses. I think we should buy all four and trade as necessary.


Backswept Dress $268

Summer Ballad Maxi $198

Languid Paisley Maxi Dress $148

Gathering Breeze Dress $258


3D Internet

Giuseppe Zanotti Tan Sandal $1630.00

3D internet, anyone? Talk about jumping off the frickin page… this pretty little fella  practically slapped me in the face. Helloo sexy robot heel! Don’t mind if I do drool over you. I put on these little babies and I’m just one move from getting asked out by C3PO. Yes, I’m married, but it would be the compliment of a lifetime.

My birthday’s coming up. Everyone! Get ten friends to contribute $50 to my gift and we’ll be just about there. <3!

~ Mir

The Long and Short of my Summer Wishlist

It’s almost May, and you know what that means!!!!! Time to start thinking about this summer’s wardrobe!

Who am I kidding? I’ve been thinking about my summer wardrobe since the day after Thanksgiving. That way it has the proper time to incubate, mature, and birth itself. That is correct, creating a season’s “look” requires the same amount of effort as growing a fetus. And I put in the effort.

However, in case you’re not like me… really, you should start thinking about what you’re going to wear this summer. Like, now. I mean, it’s 78 degrees outside. SUMMER’S PRACTICALLY TURNING ITS BLISTERING FACE UPON US THIS VERY MINUTE! And what are you going to wear???? Didjya ever think about that?

It’s a good thing you have me around. Allow my fantastico selections to come to your aid.

Last summer, I was all about dresses. I wore them all day every day. I wanted to be a child twirling in the summer sunshine. My aesthetic was country-esque and sticky-sweet. As nice as that was, I am sooo over it for this year. If I don’t wear a single skirt or dress for the months of June-September, I’ll totally freak out be JUST fine! This year I’m all about shorts shorts SHORTS! HOLD IT. Did you just picture this?

Think AGAIN, sweetness. There is mucho more to the world of shorts than tiny, Abercrombie, microscopic, teenybopper deni… zzzzzzzZZZZ. Oh. Sorry… where was I?

I’m talking about punchy colors, throwback shapes, and the ability to sit criss-cross applesauce without showing off the ladybits! That’s what it’s all about! Hey! (<– subliminal hokey pokey reference.) Check out these droolable pairs of shorts. If you're cool anything like me, you’ll be wanting every last scrumptious specimen. Also, not that I actually need to say this, but these are all most effective paired with incredibly tall platform heels. The more retro the better. Espadrille wedges are also acceptable. If you have an iPhone, check out my Instagram (screenname: mirreflections) for copious examples.

Modcloth Dallas Dance Off Shorts $69.99

Modcloth Smooth Sailor Shorts $54.99

Modcloth Carribean Nights shorts $29.99

Modcloth Chance of Clouds Shorts $42.99

Modcloth Retro Scouting Shorts $139.99

Modcloth Shell Hunting Shorts $59.99

Elle Cream Lace Shop Shorts $305

Marc Jacobs Floret Short $495

Sass & Bide Beading Shorts $660

Henrik Vibskov Pia Shorts $153 hahaha 'Pia' haha

Viktor & Rolf High Wasit Shorts $445

SuperTrash Pinarona Shorts $88

Okay. So now we’ve established the types of shorts I’m after. HOT, right? But these beauties deserve more than the ratty tee stuffed in my dresser drawer. This is why I need me some blouses. TRUE blouses. Ones that HANG UP in a closet. Some are to tuck in, others are crop-tastic. All are amazing.

Modcloth Dot Com Darling Top $57.99

Modcloth Treasured Gold Coin Top $49.99

Modcloth Second Interview Top $52.99

Modcloth Scene Me Lately Top $34.99

Modcloth Share My Umbrella Top $37.99

Modcloth Candied Comfort Sweater $49.99

Modcloth Just Pollen Around Top $39.99

Modcloth Wave City Tank $42.99

Then again, there will always be the days when I’m just waaaay too lazy to pick out TWO items of clothing. (This could potentially end up being most days.) At this point, it is highly convenient to don a romper. That favorite instant outfit we all love to make fun of… and wear. Check out these fun and flirty versions. Ra-cha-cha!

Charlotte Russe Linen Romper $26.99

Modcloth Secret Route Romper $39.99

Another trend I am very much wanting to partake in this season is the over-alls romper. Like this splendid example from Forever 21. Si por favor!!!

Forever 21 Overall Romper Front $22.80

Check out the criss-cross back. RADICAL!!!

Underneath this darling little guy, I’d wear…. wait for it…. a body suit. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?!? But seriously… it will just look like a very crisply tucked in shirt. No one will know that I snapped myself shut like an infant child. Except you. Shhh.

Modcloth One Minute Onesie $27.99 Babys-R-Us Chic

Alright…. my summer photo palooza has almost come to an sad and abrupt end. But not before I showcase the most important of all summer entities. The item all other summer clothing articles bow down and worship: The swimsuit. This also happens to be the item I have wretched luck with. I’m talking black cat, broken mirror, number 13, indoor umbrella kind of bad luck. If I had a dollar for every bathing suit I’ve lost… I’d have like FIVE DOLLARS! What the heck?!?!? Even when I’ve taken lots of time to select a bathing suit, something always goes wrong.

Last year, I ordered this adorable suit from Victoria’s Secret, and they sent the wrong style of bottoms. So when I called to switch the order, the style I wanted had SOLD OUT! So I settled for the dumb style, and it looked all gross and baggy on my butt. THEN the top would get all loose and discombobulated anytime I’d go for even the most gentle of swims. Hello nipples.

This year I will NOT be ordering my suit online. I will be going to as many shops as it takes to find an amazing bikini, and I don’t care how much it costs me. It is the year of the PERFECT suit! I’d like to find one in fresh colors like this Raisins suit:

Raisins bikini top $33.99

Bottom $33.99

Ahh-ahhh! Grey and Yellow Grey and Yellow Grey and Yellow!! HAHAHA That was my remix of “Black and Yellow” for those of you who are not psychic and/or clinically insane.

Happy almost-summer to all of you crazy cats. Let’s wear short shorts and crop tops together and go out on the town!

~ Mir

These Shoes Rule.

My loyal fanciful followers! Spring break is upon me! This means that I can finally sleep in, stay up late, get a tan, stalk people on Facebook, and enrich your lives with all kinds of pretty things that  I cannot afford to buy. So for YOU, I go into stores and try on merchandise, shamelessly take photos of myself wearing said merchandise, then I Instagram the heck out of it all and post it up on the internet  so as to look cool, even though I actually own none of it.

That’s exactly what’s on the menu today: Five pairs of shoes I tried on yesterday at Nordstrom Rack with my best friend. While she actually shopped for shoes she planned to BUY, I simply tried on and fantasized about 25 teeteringly tall specimens that I would love to invite into my collection – if only I had lots and lots of disposable money to throw around – which I don’t.

Do you see that little strap across the center of my foot? It is a MAGICAL strap. While it may be small and seemingly insignificant, it is incredibly powerful. It turns ordinary old pumps into the epitome of sexiness, the mother of all hot shoes – the MARY-JANE. That strap gives you the power to get anything you please from anyone in the world. Use its powers wisely.

I showed my husband this picture, and he scowled and said they look horrible. This is proof that these shoes are an of-the-moment trend that is not so interested in classic sexiness as it is in peasant earthiness. Ladies, FYI, as cute as these shoes are, if you’re trying to get a man, go for the black studded mary-janes over the little-house-on-the-prairie-chic peasant shoes. Not that I have a single thing against peasant chic. I think it’s quite splendid.

Dear Eva Mendes, You do not have a monopoly on nude pumps, and the rest of the world is speaking out. Starting with me. Try and stop me from wearing these sexy as heck Steve Madden pumps. Love, Miriam P.S. Let’s hang out!

This color of butterscotch brown is absolutely, positutely the BEST accent color ever. Chinese Laundry done some serious good when they created this scrumptious style. And obvs – the taller the better.

At my 12th birthday party, around 1am after my parents had scampered off to bed, my friends and I decided to get REALLLLLLY crazy and dress up like the Spice Girls. I was Baby Spice, and OH HOW I WISH I had these shoes in that moment. I would have been the belle of the Spice Ball. However, at age 12 I probably would have looked like a pre-pubescent prostitute, so it’s probably best that I only wear them now as an adult. In which case I would, of course, look like a completely appropriate sartorially-inclined woman.

So happy to have finally broken the blogging silence. Love to you all!



Oh Yes He Did!

Clinton freakin Kelly. My love affair with this tall, impeccably-dressed gay man began at the unsuspecting young age of 17. My television-watching life was turned upside-down at the creation of a truly brilliant show called What Not To Wear. Back then and still to this day – Clinton Kelly and Stacy London are changing the world one pathetic wardrobe at a time. Like the Billy Grahams of the fashion industry, this dynamic duo aims to grip the mom-jean wearing souls of the television viewing public, and prompt somebody to go out and buy a dark-wash boot cut jean already.

Then – in a thrilling twist – Clinton wrote a book. It was called Freakin’ Fabulous, and to this day it is one of the most hysterical pieces of literature I have ever read. He is the posh yet down-to-earth friend we all wish to have. I feel like I know him. Sometimes I imagine running into him at the J. Crew in downtown Pasadena and smiling, then telling him how I love his argyle sweater and velour blazer.  Then I comment on that lady’s taper leg, acid wash jeans, and he asks if I want to get a drink at Mi Piace and as I make him laugh with my witty banter, we become instant friends and text each other pictures of outfits that make us want to sob uncontrollably.

So, you could imagine that when I was at Border’s yesterday and saw Clinton’s NEW BOOK – Oh No She Didn’t! (which I didn’t even KNOW he wrote! Some fan I am…..) that I gleefully clicked my heels all the way to the fashion section, which is, incidentally, the only section I visit whilst at Borders. DUH. Winning.

This new book is a tribute to 100 fashion faux pas that Clinton, and naturally myself, find completely deplorable. The attractive feature to this book is not only the SPOT ON critiques of the worst side of fashion, but it is delivered in Clinton’s signature burst-out-laughing-in-public-and-everyone-stares-at-you style.

Take, for instance, this excerpt from the introduction:

“Still I continue on my mission to make America a more beautiful place. I’m like that Native American dude from the commercial who cries when he sees people litter. Except, I’m not crying. It’s more like I laughing at you. In fact, he’s laughing at you too. We’re having gin and tonics right now, and I was just telling him that your outfit was revolting. And you know what he said?

And how.

And how! Couldn’t you just die? I almost peed my pants a little.”

Now – as if this blog post isn’t ALREADY long enoughhhh (aka shut up, Miriam, no one is as obsessed with Clinton Kelly as you are) I am going to post three of what I consider to be fashion’s biggest no-nos. May I point out that while these may potentially be in Clinty’s book, that I only read the first ten of the 100 faux pas and did not see these in there yet. That means I’m NOT copying him!!!

1.       VPL

Visible Panty Line is among the worst offenses in the ancient book of Fashion Rules. Young, old, it surpasses all boundaries. Here’s the deal: wear a thong. If you don’t like thongs, no biggie – wear seamless underwear.  Don’t say, “But I wear jeans, so the panty line doesn’t show!” WRONG. Double wrong. It still shows. Case in point:

2.       Over-Accessorizing

Don’t feel the need to pile on every accessory or pattern you own. People will become dizzy upon looking at you. Choose one bold piece to focus on – two max if you’re a risk-taker.  Then people’s eyes will be drawn to the one pretty piece you’re wearing instead of feeling fashion schizophrenia (I got that word right on the first try! Spelling win!)

3.       Sloppy Sally

Nobody likes a Sloppy Sally. Take Ms. Spears here… She is sending people the message that she doesn’t care about herself or her life. This doesn’t mean you need to put on a heels and pearls every time you run out to the market (though I find it to be tons of fun!) but give the world the courtesy of putting on real clothes and you get bonus points if they fit.

I can’t wait to buy my pal Clinton’s new book and laugh the day away. If you have extra clams in your pocketbook and feel like picking me up a copy, allow me to make this task as convenient as possible by posting the link to Amazon HERE.

Love you bunchie-punchies.


~ Mir

How to have a fanciful mind:

You may have read on my blog tagline that I have a “fanciful” mind.

I’m not sure you truly understand how fancy it really is. It is all kinds of fancy. We’re talking FAN—CY. I spend my entire day trying to stay in reality while my brain continuously leads me away with delusions of grandeur.

You see, I live in a place – inside mah little pea brain – that no one knows about. Those of you who know me know that I am an optimistic person – but optimism doesn’t even beginnnnn to describe the world inside my cranium. My world is a perfect place, full of fancy fashion and glamour. And I am always the model. I do lots of very grand photo shoots in unlikely places – always with perfect lighting and extravagant make-up.

Yes, in conjunction with being clinically insane, I am also highly self-indulgent. Good thing I place all my efforts into creating outfits and not plotting crimes! Just kidding, I also plot crimes. Just kidding I don’t commit crimes that would be wrong. Just kidding I might… you’ll never know. Just kidding. (In case you don’t know the SNL skit I am referencing, click here.)

Here are some dresses that ignite the fantasies in my mind. Welcome to the strange and fancy realm of Miriam’s fanciful mind. All dresses are courtesy of

Scene one:

I am in a sepia-tone room, sitting in a child-sized chair, surrounded by all natures of sad looking, borderline-frightening children’s toys from the 1920s. The only thing in color in the whole shoot is the dress, and a clown in the background that is peeking into the room with an eerie smile on his face. The dress is kinda scrunched up so my legs look a million miles long, and I’m leaning haphazardly in the chair. Also, I look identical to Clara Bow:

End scene one.

Scene two:

I am walking through the central park in low heels pushing my baby’s perambulator. That’s a stroller – for those who are not British, or 90 years old, or me. It is a warm spring day and there are birds chirping and I also probably have some little toddler picking dandelions next to me. He is wearing a sort of matching lader-hosen type shorts with suspenders in the same blue as my dress, and white booties. I am smiling and singing, and my voice sounds like Ella Fitzgerald’s.

End scene two.

Scene three:

Artie Shaw’s clarinet playing floats on the warm evening air, as the big band plays at a charity function that I personally organized. It is at some posh country club with a giant dance floor and expansive chandelier. I spend the evening sipping Mint Juleps and calling everyone “darling”. Everyone keeps complimenting me on my hair, which is the same hue and style as Suzy Parker’s:

They also tell me what a great party I’ve put on, and ask me how I ever do it with three small children. I shrug and say, “By wearing such fabulous clothes, of course!” Which makes no sense whatsoever, but no one seems to mind because it’s all taking place inside my head in the first place.

End scene three.

Scene four:

Ahoy, Matey!  I’m at the helm of a very expensive sail boat, wearing these heels:

The sun pierces through dramatic clouds and the wind is blowing – enough to rustle in my hair, but NOT enough to blow my dress up, ya perv. I may or may not be wearing a sailor hat. We are off the coast of Maryland and after a day of sailing we will dock back at the beautiful bay-side home from whence we came, and eat crab cakes and asparagus.

End scene four.

Scene five:

I’m walking barefoot through a field of tall grass somewhere along a rocky cliff on the coast of central California wine country. My eyes are closed, and I’m being led by a studly man who looks like this:

Except he’s not wearing a suit – he’s wearing an off-white linen button down shirt and ripped jeans. There is a clearing just beyond the tall grass field, where  he’s laid out a picnic on a checked blanket. The picnic consists of white wine, aged bleu cheese, kalamata olives and The Hat chili cheese fries. We eat and watch the sunset, then watch the stars appear in the sky. It’s warm and there’s no need for a jacket, so we decide to sleep outside. Unbeknownst to us, there was a meteor shower scheduled – so we stay up late watching shooting star after shooting star, making wishes and singing Jiminy Cricket.

End scene five.

Scene six:

It is a golden afternoon in South Carolina. The hot, sticky air smells of fried chicken, sweet tea, and honeysuckles. The family is having a very large Sunday dinner underneath a centuries old oak tree in the front yard of a plantation house with a wrap-around front porch that has been in my family for many generations.

That’s my house. There are dogs lying around here and there, and a plump little baby wearing nothing but a white shirt and diaper sitting in the grass watching a lady bug crawl up her chubby thigh. I’m wearing the above pictured dress. Everyone stops as they hear a car driving up the winding dirt road. The car looks like this:

It parks in front of the house and we see it’s our son, Billy, who is home from the war. Everyone cheers and Dad breaks out the banjo and we play Dixieland music until it’s dark and the lights emanating from all the other houses reflect off the lake.  Had I mentioned the house was on a lake? Anyway, it is.

End scene six.

Well, now my imagination is a little bit fatigued and needs a rest. Who knows if any of you crazy cats will enjoy my idealistic delusions – but what matters is that I  had a fantastic time writing all this rot.

Do you like my imagination and want one just like it? Here’s how you can get it:

First, imagine a cliche yet rustic Thomas Kinkade painting. Now layer a family-oriented Norman Rockwell painting over the top of the Thomas Kinkade one. On all the women in the picture, put pretty dresses in vibrant colors and cute shoes – all heels.  Mix in a lot of glamorous-looking people from a conglomeration of old films, ranging from the 20s to the 60s. For each of these individuals, put a piece of cheese in one hand and a glass of wine in the other.  Then think of every nature cliche you can – sunsets, shooting stars, ocean waves, swaying grass, lakes – throw in a few of each.  Add some dogs and some babies. Is everyone laughing? If not, make them laugh. You’re almost there. Put a Chipotle somewhere in there. Loudly play music from the big band era, and mix in the occasional Luciano Pavarotti or Paolo Nutini. Turn up the temperature by about ten degrees. Now make everything sparkly.

Congratulations! You now have a fanciful mind. Now go dream the day away, and live a life as fanciful as mine.


~ Mir

A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Far Far Away…


Items: Christopher Kane’s Entire Spring Resort 2011 Collection


Cost: Many thousands of dollars

Rating: STELLAR out of 10

Have you ever seen a photo of a galaxy or a nebula out in space and found your jaw gaping open at the sight of the vibrant colors and incredible patterns? Have you ever just relished the thought that those beautiful patterns exist far out in space, beyond what any human has seen with his or her own eyes? Have you ever rolled your hair into little cinnamon roll buns on the side of your head, fashioned a white sheet into a dress and pretended to blast the heck out of a hundred evil storm troopers?

No? Fine then.

My name is Miriam Bernard, and I am a science nerd.

I recall going to my Dad’s work as a little girl, and he – always an astronomy buff – would sit me on his lap and pull up photos taken by the Hubble telescope, and he’d start in on the proverbial lecture about the suchandso nebula in whatchyamacallit galaxy and every word of it floated in one ear and out the other while I just stared in wonder at the amazing pictures. I’d look at black holes and wonder if I ever went to space if I’d get sucked into one.  I looked at the clouds of gas and think about how they looked like spun cotton candy – or fairies – or some other magical or delicious object.

The Fairy-rific Cotton Candy-tastic Orion Nebula

I think what draws people to thoughts about space is its inherent mystery. The George Lucases and Steven Spielbergs of the world noticed the mystery space holds, then they turned that mystery into millions and millions of dolla… I mean, some really excellent and adventurous stories.  As a result, we have our E.T., our Trekkies, and generation after generation of little boys (and okay, girls) who watch a movie called Star Wars and believe that maybe, waaaaay out there past Pluto, there really is a planet called Tattooine. And yes, we consciously choose to ignore the logic that says any planet with “Tattoo” in the name couldn’t possibly be real.

A modern day space innovator (kind of like Lady Gaga, who I think may actually be an alien) is Scottish fashion designer Christopher Kane, whose sharp eye impressed the likes of Donatella Versace and won him Scotland’s Young Designer of the Year award in 2006 at the spritely young age of 24. That’s the same age as me. Miriam Life Fail.

Chris Kane’s 2011 Spring Resort Collection models turned the corner of the catwalk wearing patterns inspired by deep space nine and galaxies beyond and all that cliche rot.  After all, why sit in an office designing patterns when you can just look out through the lens of a telescope and draw such intergalactic planetary inspiration? What resulted were incredible, fiery textiles that I, for one, CANNOT get enough of.

It’s one small step for fashion, one giant leap for alternatives to a full body Star Trek suit.

I mean, can you even IMAGINE if a female specimen walked into a Star Trek Convention wearing this little number?

Every pointy-eared gentleman in the entire room would, no doubt, do one uh these:

There is a certain allure to the idea of geek chic that makes me giggle and snort a little bit. I may wear bows in my hair with flowy skirts and pink from head to toe, but these spacy Kane pieces are enough to make me wanna buy some spectacles, put on a nebula dress and strut into an Apple store. Or an internet café. Or a World of Warcraft party. Or wherever it is the geeks assemble these days.

This is what I wish I looked like.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go boogie at the Mos Eisley Cantina.

Live long and prosper,


Smart Outfit, Dumb Outfit – Episode 1

Buy This Not That


Recently I’ve spent copious amounts of time on a website called Polyvore. Imagine Facebook, take away Farmville and all the annoying people who play it, then add shoes. Lots and LOTS of shoes. That’s Polyvore. A network of friends who create sets of clothing and share them with each other and comment on each other’s creations.

Last night, I did a little work and I did it for you. You can probably guess what these two outfits represent.

Indeed, a smart outfit and a dumb outfit. (The dumb one is the expensive one. Duh.) One totals $270, one totals $3684. Can you guess which is which?

But naturally, that isn’t the point. The point is, whether you’re rich or poor, a label snob or a wal-mart regular, it is very clear based on these two ensembles that looking well put together does not require a ton of money. Only a sharp eye and patience for a bargain. If I could have found this outfit at the Goodwill and shown one that totaled $45, I would have done it for you. I love you that much. But unfortunately the Goodwill does not have a website. Lucky for my wallet.

This outfit is my representation of spring. Fresh colors, simple shapes, shimmery jewelry. It’s an outfit I’d like to wear to my job, if my job was Assistant to The Cat in The Hat.

Alright alright… I’ll let you guess which set is expensive and which is affordable. Tomorrow morning I’ll reveal the weennahhhhhs. Ready go!



I’m not a cross-dresser…. Yet.

Item: Stapleford Tool Tote
Found: Urban Outfitters
Cost: $58.00
Rating: Menswearific out of 10

When it comes to recent sartorial trends, girls just wanna…… be boys. Boys from the 1920s – specifically. Everything from tuxedo jackets to bowler hats to flat oxford shoes have been seen on many a runway model, street styled fashion-lover, and neon yellow Forever 21 window mannequin. Colors are neutral, cuts are masculine, and hair is short (thank you Alexa Chung, for getting every fashion-savvy girl in the world obsessed with your choppy, rock and roll bob).

And I, standing in the center of a bustling crowd of women screaming, “We love menswear!” would generally be the one in a poofy pink frock and pumps saying, “But – what happened to dresses??”

I may or may not look exactly like this.

Generally. That’s generally what I’d be doing. Until – mysteriously halfway through December, I found myself in the Clearance section of the Kohl’s shoe department placing a pair of menswear flat oxfords in pewter INTO my basket for purchase. No biggie though – haven’t even worn them yet!

But THEN, when going out shopping at some point between Christmas and New Years, I wore Eric’s plaid shirt to the mall!!!!! And I LIKED it!!!

My most recent Goodwill purchase was a plaid button down shirt that I wore in various forms for the subsequent five days. I wish I were kidding. Now I’m slightly embarrassed that I just told all of you I wore the same shirt five days in a row. Annnd, now I’m over it.

So anyway, it didn’t come as too much of a surprise to me that while browsing through Urban Outfitters last night at Irvine Spectrum, my favorite thing in the entire thrift-store-style-stealing establishment was a mens’ bag. The above fine specimen of a bag, to be exact.

Yeah, yeah, yeah – it’s a BAG – completely gender neutral, I know. But at least it’s labeled as MENS! I’m taking very effective baby steps into the menswear world. You never know, next time you see me I might just look like Janelle Monae.

But probably not. The fabulous array of heels in my closet keeps me close to my girly-girl roots. But I may pair said fabulous heels with a tuxedo jacket or grandpa cardigan from day to day. Just to keep everybody guessing.


Delicious, drool-worthy shoes.

My five loyal blog readers – due to extreme busyness with my job, I have been silent for many many days now. I would feel guilty about this, but even Leandra Medine of the BEST BLOG EVER, Man Repeller, reserves the right to take breaks for finals. The week before Christmas break was my version of finals, therefore I remain guilt free.

And what better way to break my silence than the same way I entered it? DELICIOUS, DROOL-WORTHY SHOES. These days, looking at as many shoes as I do, it takes a lot to really get my hairs standing on end for a pair of shoes. These Jessica Simpson Bombshells certainly did the trick, however. I’m rather obsessed. With both pairs. Which means I could never be so unfair as to only buy one.

Presenting – perfection in two forms:

Yum. Nighty night.

~ Mir

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